Effects and Remedies of Grahan Dosh or Grahan Yoga

Grahan dosh is a very much feared dosh by the believers of astrology. Grahan means eclipse. So, this dosh forms by the Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu known as lunar nodes. They are also known as shadowy planets and are not considered as actual planets.

Grahan dosh means Rahu or Ketu is in close conjunction with Sun or Moon at the time of your birth or you are born during an eclipse time.

Now let’s look at some statistical analysis. Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde motion and it will go in a direct path only on some days.  Only some people have horoscopes within the direct path. They are always travelling in the opposite directions. They stay in a sign for 18 months. Now Rahu is in Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius. So, when Sun or Moon transits to Leo, that too in close degrees with Rahu, forms a Grahan dosh. Same is applicable to Ketu. Some astrologers claim that this aspect can also create Grahan dosh. Truth is that only when Sun or Moon is in close conjunction it will affect a person. This is why degrees are always important. So whoever born during this time may have grahan dosh.

Now, what is the significance of Grahan dosh? For that, we have to know what Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu signifies.
Sun: Father, government, authority, esteem, honour, ego and power
Moon: Mother, emotions, psyche, home, security, convenience, nourishment, and comforts
Rahu: Aggression, passion, material comforts, technology and adventure
Ketu: Moksha, detachment, spirituality, occult, silence, psychic intuition, discomfort, mysticism.

You should try to explore the psychological and spiritual attributes connected to any yoga or dosh than looking for its worldly aspects. If you are looking at the possibilities of yogas and dosh in a material perspective you may never get the vast idea lying behind it.

Sun and Moon plus Rahu Grahan yoga always show that you are having an aggressive nature and it is beyond your control. This aggressive attitude can create issues with your elderly figures. They can be against you and this can cause issues in your progress. Sun represents ego and Moon represents mind. Both are highly active and emotions are running high.

The only remedy is understanding yourself that how you are programmed. Doing self-analysis will also act as a remedy. You may try either of these methods so that you can control your emotions or avoid such situations which can create unhealthy incidents with your elders.

The intensity always differs according to the degrees of the conjunction. The mode of rebelliousness and aggression can vary according to the closeness of Sun/Moon and Rahu.

The conjunction of Sun or Moon plus Ketu will act in a different way than the conjunction with Rahu. Since Ketu indicates detachment and moksha, the person may not take up any responsibilities and thus fall into issues.

Both are of course indications of complicated situations. Truth is that there are no remedies for each and every problem in life, and we are destined to go through certain troubles. They can be some debt from your past birth. The best remedy to this dosh is realizing your duties and doing justice to those. Well, you can try other remedies which are given in ancient texts, but we are back into Dvapara yuga, so remedies based on intelligence and psychology will always work.

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