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March 21, 2018

Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasa 
Ketu is the primary indicator of spirituality in astrology. The kind of spirituality, which Ketu indicates is the intense form of spirituality, not like a kind of ritualistic. Ketu is known as the tail of demon in astrology and Ketu Mahadasa will last for 7 years.

This spirituality will be very transformative. Transformations are actually very powerful and stressful. You may have emotional issues. Basically, during any mahadasa, the house which the planet placed will be in the main focus. This main focus will continue throughout the dasha. In Ketu dasha also, this rule applies, but there will be a huge focus on spirituality as well.

Ketu is actually a headless planet. So, there are great chances for you to make wrong decisions and thus landing in different troubles. If you are a person who is going through Mercury dasa, you should understand that, Ketu dasa is waiting for you. Once when you reach the end phase of Mercury dasa, you should understand that the coming days, you are going to transform.

There is a general assumption that in certain houses Ketu will give you best dasha. These are just misguiding information. If it is Ketu dasa then you will have to move towards your spiritual ashram.

Married people will have to be cautious when one of the couples moves through Ketu dasa. Since Ketu indicates spirituality, it may not greatly favor an easy marital relationship. Please try to be compassionate with each other. Once when Ketu dasa gets over, your Venus dasa will come. That will be a good time period, if Venus is placed well.

During Ketu dasa, you must start a spiritual activity. Learning spiritual texts under a Guru will be surely soothing to you during Ketu dasa. The world has become very materialistic and people generally feel that they have walk with a crowd who madly follows the practices of heightened spirituality. We may forget the path of the spirituality is ultimate force. This Ketu dasa is a great opportunity to reconnect with the ultimate force which is the cause and reason for everything in the universe.

Here is the beauty of Ketu dasa. This dasa is a great dasa to fulfill your righteous desires and wishes. If you are moving in a spiritual path, then you will see great blessings coming to you.  Progress is sure when you may spirituality your mark. 

Despite your religious belief, you all are requested to follow spirituality. It should not be a ritualistic spirituality. You should have the godliness in your mind and body. This is the opportunity to amass that much of blessings for your future.

If you are a person going through struggles during Ketu dasa, then go for a retrospect. What were your actions in the past and how you performed in the past? You will somewhere see unrighteous deeds from you. Then you should take an effort to correct those. Then you will see a lot of blessings in your life.

March 17, 2018

Impact of Weak Sun in Different Houses

Impact of weak Sun in different houses

Weak Sun in Astrology
According to the Vedas, the Sun is the provider of life. The Sun is a revolutionary kind of force as in astrology, whichever house, the Sun is placed, it will make you realistic. You may not be supposed to  have a superficial kind of approach in those matters.

The Sun is the king of astrology and all the planets revolve round it. So, the Sun is the main planet and it indicates soul, ego, father, self-esteem, authority, health, vitality, courage and confidence.

The Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. This exaltation and debilitation is a very controversial phenomenon. Both the placements have positive and negative indications.

In a natural zodiac wheel, Aries is the 1st sign and Libra is the 7th. Libra lies on the lower side of the zodiac wheel. The Sun being a king enjoys the attention he gets in the 1st sign, but it doesn’t like to be in the sign where is has to remain in the background. It doesn’t like to be in this sign despite the house because this house deals with day to day relationships.

Being the King, the Sun likes to be in the throne, but when he sends out to deal with all the complexities in the relationships, then a person with Sun in debilitation can have issues with so many people. Primarily with father, this person can have issues.

The Sun indicates father in astrology and a Sun in Libra person will have to go an extra mile in being happy with their father. The father-child relationship will advance amidst a lot of struggles. They may have to go an extra mile in controlling their ego and this ego can bring issues in all the relationships.

Power struggles will be another feature. When the Sun is in Libra or when it is in the 7th house that can also make your Sun weak. The Sun doesn’t share a good relationship with Saturn, and Venus. So, when placed in the sign owned by these 2 planets, then the Sun can be weak or inefficient.

The Sun is a powerful planet, so even if it is in a good mode, it may make you power hungry in the matters of the house which it is placed, despite exalted or debilitated.

If this debilitated or weak Sun is in the 1st house, then it indicates a recurrent focus on health. In the 2nd house ongoing power struggle in the family. In the 3rd house, then the power struggles can be with siblings. The 4th house is showing the stress with family. When Sun is placed in the 5th, then the power struggles can be with children or partner in romance. In the 6th house, it makes you power hungry over your colleagues.

The 7th house Sun is, of course, showing the hiccups in the marital life. In the 8th house, it can be with your partners. Then, the 9th house sun shows the friction with gurus, mentors or father. The 10th house sun shows issues with administration. The 11th house Sun shows frictions in your group settings. The 12th house Sun reflects issues in emotional stability.

March 09, 2018

How weak Moon affects the emotions ?

How weak Moon affects the emotions?

Weak Moon in Astrology
Moon is the indicator of mind, emotions, mother, home, homeland and females in general. If you want to know the situation of your mind and thought process, then you should see the placement of Moon. It waxes and wanes, and out mind also is very flexible and moving. Moon is the owner of the watery sign of Cancer and Moon is also a watery planet. It rules the 4th house in the natural zodiac wheel. This 4th house indicates family, mother and all the matters indicated by the Moon.

Moon is debilitated in another water sign Scorpio. When Moon is in this sign, then that means it is dealing with tough subjects which the Moon generally do not like to be in. Moon likes to be in a secure and peaceful domain like mother, family comfort and home. In Scorpio, it is placed over the tough matters like sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans. Here Moon will be disturbed, and it may lose all its happiness.

When your Moon is weak, then you will naturally have struggles in being happy. You may have to go an extra mile being satisfied with all the matters of your life. Relationship with elderly female figures can be complex. Especially with your mother, you can have a very sensitive relationship, unlike other signs. Mother can be constructive, but she may leave a negative impact on you. You will have to go an extra mile in keeping your mind happy and stable.

Unlike other planets, the Sun and the Moon never move in a retrogression mode. Moon is not in enmity with any planet, but Mercury, Venus, and Saturn see Moon as their enemy. So, when Moon is in conjunction with this planet, then,  Moon can be in a complex mode.  Moon doesn’t like to be with shadow planets Rahu and Ketu as well.

Rahu and Ketu are highly obsessive energies. So, when they are with such a sensitive planet-like moon they will trigger it in an intense way. This conjunction may indicate a peaceless mind.

Rahu is an obsession and Ketu is detachment. So, When the Moon conjunct the Rahu, your mind will be always aggressive. You can use this energy in a constructive or destructive way and that is solely depending on your free will.

Moon may feel difficulty in being their signs as well. Everyone will go through emotional struggles despite the placement of the Moon. Such issues are not restricted to those whose Moon is in a complex mode.

When the Moon is in a conjunction with the Jupiter, it creates a GajaKesari Yoga, but it also has another side. This placement can give a mother who is so over-protective and insecure about her child. Such mothers also can create emotional struggles for children.

So, when the Moon is in a complex mode, then you should understand that you are a highly sensitive and please don’t engage in any activity which can add more emotional burdens. A healthy diet is also important to have a good mind and mental strength.

February 23, 2018

Mahadasha : The timing of the events

Mahadasha : The timing of the events

Mahadasa system is a great feature of Vedic astrology and this is a method to find the timing of events. This feature is only available with Vedic astrology. There are so many other dasha systems like Yogini, Nirayana Shola dasha and Jaimini Chara dasha, and Vimshottari dasha. Vimshottari dasha is the most popular among them.

According to Vedic astrology, the life span of a human being is fixed as 120 years. Not only in astrology, almost all religious text says that, God fixed a human’s life span as 120 years. So, in astrology, 120 years will be under the rulership of different planets


When we generally speak about Mahadasa we always count from Ketu. Why, because the 1st sign in astrology is Aries. The 1st Nakshathra in Aries is Ashwini and it is ruled by Ketu. So, naturally Vimshottari dasa starts from Ketu dasa.

Vimshottari dasa’s base is configured in the Nakshathra lord. Your Nakshthra lord will rule your 1st Vimshottari dasha. Suppose you are born in Purva Bhadra nakshathra and its ruler is Jupiter. So, you will be entering this world by the influence of Jupiter.

Now, you can see in almost all charts, there will be a usage called balance of dasa. What is this? Astrology relies a lot on past birth and reincarnation. According to astrology, life is a continuation and the soul moves from one birth to another and it takes different physical forms. You will die in one time and that time you will be under particular dasa. Then the soul will enter another body and then the rest of the dasa continues.

Vimshottari dasa has Mahadasa and Antardasa. During the beginning of any dasa, you will be under the Mahadasa and Antardasa of same planet, but at time of your birth, your Antardasa planet will be mostly different. So, if you died under the dasa of Jupiter- Venus Mahadasa and few days and left, next time when you born will be starting Jupiter- Venus and rest of the days as Balance of dasa

This is a simple concept to understand balance of dasa, but its calculation is complicated. I will describe that in another article.

In this series, we will study, what Mahadasa is and how it influence your life.

Each planet has a fixed number of years for its influence. The longest Mahadasa duration belongs to Venus and the shortest belongs to the Sun.

After when you understand how this Mahadasa system works, it will be easy for you understand yourself. It is actually very easy to keep a track of your life, if you understand this system. 

February 05, 2018

Effects of weak Mercury on your Life

Effects of weak Mercury on your life

Mercury is the fastest planet and a small planet too. This is the planet which goes into a maximum retrogression during a year. Mercury represents intellect, logical analysis, studies, friends, relatives, siblings, short trips, pet animals, speech, mathematics, salesmanship, brokerage, journalism, banking, skin, astrology and writers.

This planet is neither male nor female. It is known as a neutral planet. This planet is known as the son of Moon and Tara.  He is the love child of Moon and the wife of Brihaspati, Tara. Maybe that illegitimate status makes him a neutral guy. 

Mercury almost remains closer to the Sun, so it remains in a combust mode, more than any planets do. The chances of combustion are greater for Mercury than any other planets. The combustion and retrogression and its fast-moving nature always make Mercury in a complex mode. 

If we need to have a happy life, we should have a good intellect and capacity for logical analysis. When Mercury is weak, then it may bring a kind of unsure part regarding logical analysis. Despite the yugas, life was always a struggle even to the kings and queens.  All the factors, which contribute to a good living, come from calculated moves, so Mercury is the planet which indicates your power to make those crucial moves in everyday life. 

According to ancient texts, Mercury will be in a combust mode within 10 degrees of the Sun. Mercury, when it is closer with Sun, there can be a confusion regarding decision making. Your intellect is actually getting heated and you may go clueless and that can lead you to a wrong decision.

Retrogression also is showing such confusion in decision making. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. There are scientists with Mercury in a bad mode. Weak Mercury can bring the wrong kind of decisions and lack of understanding which can put life in a progressive way.

 Mercury’s conjunction with any other planet should be analysed carefully. It is very hard to interpret the results of Mercury’s conjunction, retrogression and debilitation. Breaks in studies are also shown by weak mercury. Speech and hearing issues can be seen through Mercury’s wrong placement. 

If you see Mercury in a compromising situation in your child’s chart, then you should not force the child to study. Instead be a friend to the child and try to understand his struggles. If you identify this at the earliest, then it will be easy for you to manage the life of the child. 

Mercury indicates siblings and relatives, so please encourage the child to keep a healthy relationship with all. If the child is showing a sense of detachment, then don’t force the child to be with the people he doesn't like. He may not be destined to be with a group of relatives. No one can keep a relation by forcefulness.Put the child into some counselling sessions to improve his wisdom and IQ.

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