Clickastro Horoscope – Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo

A smart speaker is a virtual assistance enabled device that can be connected to the net via WiFi or Bluetooth. It’s a wireless speaker with voice detection ability. The device recognizes the user’s speech to answer his queries or play the music which he asks. This newest innovation will soon be a necessity for homes and offices with which we can get any news or data in the midst of our works simply by talking to the virtual assistant.

The IT giants are soon to hit our market with their smart speakers – Apple HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Echo. These devices are enabled by their respective virtual assistants – Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Out of these, Amazon Echo is expected to tap the Indian market first. Soon we will be having this device at our home and offices and will be talking to the Alexa. Other than the general data and entertainments, we can let this device provide information that requires special skills. Just like installing apps from Play Store or iStore, we can empower Alexa with special skills by logging into Amazon site and using the option ‘Add skills’.
As the smart speakers are expected to reach our market soon, Astro-Vision has acted in advance to let the users hear astrology forecasts from their devices. Astro-Vision has already made its variety of astrology services available for Amazon Echo users. The users can add ‘Clickastro Horoscope‘ skill by logging into the Amazon account and ask Alexa to hear their required astrology predictions. To see the ‘Add skill’ page, use this link
The free astrology service through Chatbots and smart speakers is a result of Astro-Vision’s foreseeing and positive thinking. Astro-Vision guides millions of people worldwide through Vedic Astrology knowledge. The company endeavours to deliver positive astrology by making use of the newest solutions.

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