Horoscope Chatbot & Alexa Skill – Our Latest Initiatives

The innovations in technology, the keys to human life’s evolution, has indeed made our life faster & smarter. We are now living in a digital age where everything happens online. We work, we learn, we connect, we communicate, we collect & spread information and make all transactions online. Eventually, smart phones have become an integral part of our lives. The smart phone and its various applications provide the interface to meet our various requirements through online. This has made the businesses to have their applications and ensure their presence across various digital platforms. To survive in the fast-evolving world, everyone needs to feed the customers and satisfy their varying requirements through the proper exploitation of the latest technologies. This is what makes Astro-Vision a cut above the competitors. The No.1 digital astrology service provider in India has made itself accessible through the latest & smartest technical innovations Chatbots and Smart Speakers. Now, the variety of astrology reports and predictions can be known by simply chatting or speaking to a device.
Horoscope Bot – The First Vedic Astrology Chatbot
A Chatbot or virtual assistant is a software agent performing tasks for individuals. The use of virtual assistants and their capabilities are expanding rapidly. Generally, a virtual assistant with its artificial intelligence answers to the queries made by the users. The internet users might have already been familiar with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. Now, various businesses and service providers are creating their own Chatbots or virtual assistants to be made available on various chat applications. Thus, the users can avail service or get information regarding it, simply by chatting on their favourite chat applications.
The first Vedic Astrology Chatbot named ‘Horoscope Bot‘ is an innovation from Astro-Vision, which is available on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and Kik (Clickastro Bot). This makes possible for the Vedic Astrology followers to avail various astrology predictions & reports through chats. The users just have to tap open the chat application and get daily predictions, weekly predictions, personality predictions and so on through friendly chatting. As a friend, the Horoscope Bot will be among the contacts with whom the user can start chatting with a ‘Hi’ at any time he likes. Astro-Vision Horoscope Bot can be added to the contacts from the link https://goo.gl/5zBMYe or click the following links to add directly to your favourite platform.
Astro-Vision has also created a Chatbot for its online astrology portal clickastro.com. The visitors of clickastro.com can now get the assistance of the bot named Astro Guruji.

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