Corona Virus Astrology Predictions

covid astrology prediction

COVID-19 Astrology Predictions

Combating COVID-19: Go back to the roots and holistic lifestyle

The world is in a panic situation owing to the Covid-19 virus attack. This disease can become a greater threat even if even a single person is careless therefore, we all are together in this and we have to fight it as one.

From an astrological point of view, we cannot neglect this pandemic disease scenario. Different astrologists are pointing to different reasons for this situation but the most functional and precise according to the ‘Vedic astrology’ is the ‘Athichara’ of ‘Guru’ or Jupiter.

Normally, ‘Guru’ stays in a zodiac sign for a year. This year alone, there will be an ‘Athichara’ and a ‘Vakram’. ‘Athichara’ means the planet is travelling fast, whereas, in reality, Jupiter’s speed remains unchanged. We have this false experience because of our view from Earth that has an oval-shaped circular motion. On November 5th, 2019, Guru travelled from Vrishchika Rashi to Dhanu Rashi. By June 30, Guru will travel back to Dhanu Rashi.

In astrology, ‘Guru’ is considered as the representative of the God Almighty. One of the positive planets and the biggest of them, Guru’s travelling speed is not favorable as of now. God Vishnu is considered as the master of Sthithi, in the ‘Srishti Sthithi Samhara’ concept. In astrology, Guru is representing Lord Vishnu. Hence Guru’s travel in ‘Athichara’ is making the world unstable now.

Specifically thinking about India, Kanni Rashi needs to be taken into consideration. Guru’s travel in Dhanu Rashi is better than its travel in Vrishchika Rashi. But this is not a favorable time. Financial loss increase in casualties and difference of opinion with neighboring places is likely to take place during this period. Even Makara Rashi is not a favorable Rashi for Guru. Still, the calculations predict that India will come out of this pandemic without any doubt.

Everyone can pray without even going to any worshipping places. God is omnipresent and he will hear you from anywhere. Now, we should consider doctors, nurses, and other social workers in the place of God. To bring back the ideal situation, we should help them and obey their instructions.

Each person is part of the society and nation-building starts from the basic tenets of the society, that is us! Hence, each and everyone should follow appropriate hygiene measures and avoid unnecessary travelling right now. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, do reach out for medical help right away.

Don’t panic and don’t lose hope. Keep the belief alive, you can chant “Vishnu Sahsra Nama, Vishnu Gayathri Manthra and other Vishnu Sthothras or chant Om Namo Bagavathe Vasudevaya” for 108 times. This will keep you calm and at ease.

Hopefully, we will help ourselves, our country and the world to overcome this contagion crisis soon.

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