Creation of the Universe

Creation of the Universe
How did this universe evolved? We asked ourselves many times and still mystic around this very first question of mankind. Scientifically we have learned how did it happend but we all are certain about the fact that god was behind the creation of the universe and life in Earth. Ancient gurus, rishis helped us to know ourselves better with the knowledge they gained about the universe and they have shared this invaluable asset to their younger generations to spread Vedic wisdom to mankind.

Scientists given us the idea that the universe is originated through a mechanical or chemical process and big bang theory is what they are giving us to believe in. But why only in earth life find its place?  The answer to this question is least heard and mankind still don’t know whether any other planet like earth is there on this universe or not. We are still searching and we will be. We are trying to find ourselves better by doing so. We need to know who we are, if there is a supreme power which given life on earth we are in search of it always. Why we are trying to know the origin of the universe is because that will give a clearer understanding of ourselves, and what is our future?

The Vedic approach to find the origin of universe leads us to the information given by our great ancient Rishis . How did they manage to do that without all these scientific experiments, without the Facilities and the resources we have now. That is still a mystery and we are trying to get more on to the information they have given us thousands of years back and we are still wondering when those Vedic information are so accurate with the scientific research results we are getting now a days.

The Vedic literature describes how the Supreme Being exists outside the boundaries of the material manifestation from where He begins the process of creation. So, He is indeed “beyond what He created.”We the mankind is the most loved creation of god in the entire universe. God have given us superior knowledge than all other species on earth and using that knowledge we improvised and created this current world.

The creation of universe begun when Mass and wisdom influenced of the forces of action to create emotions in the universe. Sky was created from the first sound pride. Sky acted as catalyst to generate the wisdom of view and creator. It did help in the creation of air and it had the qualities of life to be embarked. Air is the refection of life and mental ability. The ability of sound, touch and shape evolved on the birth of fire. Water had all these qualities by birth and added another quality ie taste. Earth was born with a self quality smell and all other qualities processed by others. Lord Brahma wanted to combine all these forces and he couldn’t full fill the task so he created two bodies called samashti and vishti. He put these into a seed and left in Kaaranie River, god entered to the seed and gave life to the universe.

Every living thing have god inside them as their very own life, you cannot see but you can feel it. No one can see god so we have created temples for praying and  to get closer to the God. We need to protect our temples built by our ancestors by doing so we are protecting god itself and we are giving ourselves a chance to have a good after life. We should keep in mind that the god had created everything in this universe and if he can create it he can keep the world as he wanted it to be. So for a bright future of the world we should find a way to follow the footsteps of god which is nothing but doing good things to the mankind and to the universe.

Everyone born in to this earth will have life and have done many great things and achievements ,inventions & build nations , created lots of things and been the powerful man on the planet , no one have ever been capable of keeping their own life within themselves. That’s one big reason why we are so small on this Universe. We are born from sand will go in to the sand once life left off from the body we will shatter as panchabootha and will spread in the sky as clouds.
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