Have a delayed marriage in your birth chart?

Delayed marriage or late marriage in birth chart
Delayed Marriage or Late Marriage

According to Hindu theology marriage is a karmic relationship for sharing someone’s life and a connection for the next seven births. When you find a delayed marriage in your chart, you should take in a very positive perspective. You should keep in mind that, the Universe is giving you more time to analyze whether you are fully equipped to start a marital life. The Universe knows that you need more time to start a family or,  your spouse has to finish some of his or her karmic debts. You should know that education, house, food, clothing and peace are the most important things in your life otherthan marriage.

Conditions for the delay in marriage

The foremost house for marriage is the seventh house. Our birth chart has twelve divisions; out of that, the 7th division is the main house for marriage. The secondary houses are 5th, 11 and 2nd.

The sign which rules that house, the planet which rules that sign, the placement, aspect and conjunctions of this planet also is counted. Any kind of complexity in these matters can cause delay or complexity in marital life. The intensity of the complexity will change from chart to chart.

When the seventh house has a direct or indirect connection with Saturn, then we can assume that some difficulties are attached to the marriage. But there are some rare cases, where Saturn is directly on the seventh house and the marriage was not delayed. It may indicate a mature spouse

When Mars comes in connection with the 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th 1st and 2nd also shows, it’s better if you marry little late. You may have to bring some change in your behaviour pattern and that will take some time to change. If you get into a marriage with a provocative behaviour, then it can ruin the happiness from marital life. A retrograde or debilitated planet, when come in connection with the seventh house or the seventh lord shows hurdles connecting to marital life.

Generally marriage takes place during the Mahadasha, Antardasha or Paryandar dasha of the planet which rules the seventh house. The Mahadasha, Antardasha or Paryanthardasha of the planet in the 7th house is also seen as ideal for marriage.

The dasha , Antardasha or Paryanthardasha lord should be connected to any of 7, 11, 2, or 5th houses. In your marriageable age, when any of these houses get activated through dasha,  Antardasha or Paryanthardasha, then the chances for marriage will come up.

In your marriageable age, if these houses are not getting effectively and positively activated, then it indicates little lag in the timing of marriage.

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