Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Valentines Day Horoscope


When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th every year. It is the day of love and desire. It is also a day of huge business as the sale of greeting cards and other Valentine gifts reach a high point at this time. While Valentine’s day is seen as a modern celebration, its history is as ancient as it is obscure. It is usually considered that February 14th was the day when St Valentine, a Roman priest who defied the emperor’s orders banning young men from having romantic relations so as to rear a manly army by helping couples get married in secret, was put to death. It is also mentioned that while in jail, St Valentine fell in love with a young daughter of the jailer who used to bring him food and water. Before being taken to the gallows, the priest wrote a note disclosing his affection for the girl and had it sent to her through a soldier sympathetic to the priest’s fate. It is said he had signed the note ‘your’s Valentine’, which is the common expression used today when signing gifts meant for dear ones. However, it is more likely that this tragic story – factual or fictional – was a convenient excuse for young people to just profess their desire to find a mate during the month of February. 

Traditionally, the month of February has been seen as a time of birth and fertility. It follows the time when the Sun enters the Uttarayana and the world once again basks in the energy and warmth of divine creation. By the time February arrives, the cold barrenness of the winter is left firmly in the past and the Earth is set to usher anew the cycle of birth and rebirth. This is the time of fertility as leaves sprout out and fruits appear in bunches. This natural phenomenon also has a corresponding effect on the human psyche as people, especially young people, feel in them a yearning for love and romance. At this time, the calling to find a mate and to share joys and pleasure reaches an apex. It is said that in ancient Rome, young men and women used to randomly choose their partner and we’re allowed to be a couple for the day or more during this time. As civilisation evolved and social courtesies became more nuanced, this blatant act of fulfilling desires was trimmed down to exchanging gifts and professing love. As consumerism became the thing post the world wars, big corporations pushed Valentine’s Day as the ultimate day of love and evolved the custom of presenting gifts as a symbol of this love. 

Astrology in Valentine’s Day

Astrology can play a big role in making your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one. By consulting the daily horoscope you can know how the day is going to turn out to you. By comparing your horoscope with that of the person you love, you can get a clear idea of how to entice your person of choice and the way to do it. Online astrology can also tell you the best time of the day to propose to your lover should you want to do that. It is generally good to wear light coloured clothes and make your proposal during the night time for best results. The astrology report can also inform you about the specific hymns to chant and the temples to visit on this day so as to attain the confidence and abilities required to pull off the feat. If you have already professed your love, then through astrology know-how to ensure your valentine has an unforgettable day on February 14, 2021. 

In modern times, the celebration of Valentine’s 

The day starts a week prior. It is called Valentine’s week and it starts on the 7th of February. Each day carries a certain significance. The first day is Rose Day, followed by the Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and then Valentine’s Day itself. Valentine’s week is a condensed version of the different stages involved from meeting someone special to proclaiming your undeterred love and faith to that person. This is also a good time to find someone if you are single. Your online horoscope will tell you the time most conducive for your love life during this period and you can make your moves accordingly. Through astrology, you will gain information on what’s the aptest gift you can give to your loved one and the right time to do so. It can also tell you how to dress and act so that your lover will get the best of you during this day. Like with any other walk of life, online astrology can act as a loyal guide who will ensure you make the correct decisions and get the best experiences on Valentine’s Day.