Mercury Retrograde 2019 – The Hidden Factors

Mercury Retrograde 2019 - The Hidden Factors

Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and media goes into retrogression three times every year. During the month of July, Mercury started its slow down at mentioned below.

Mercury Retrogression through Cancer

Jul 7 – 2019 | 7:14 PM  | Mercury Retrograde  | 4° 28′ 

This is retrogression that will be ending on July 31. Mercury will move back into Cancer on July 19th

Mercury rules electronic data, communication, siblings, logical thinking, traveling, studies and speech. When Mercury moves in a slow down mode, then all these things get easily affected.  So, it is not advisable to take a new decision during the retrogression phase.

Effects of weak Mercury on your Life

During the month of July, Mercury will be triggering the sign of Leo, which is the sign for creativity, children, love, creative ventures and social gatherings. Mercury will be starting a pause, which is known as stationary and then it will start slowing down. For different signs, the retrograde will impact different houses, however, all the signs will be facing issues like communication problems, data issues, and laziness.


During this Mercury retrogression phase, you may feel the more need of love, but the presence of love will be less. This is the time where you feel less energy to be creative. Don’t be so upset that, the universe is asking you to move slow. This will be a complex time and you may have issues in the team ventures. This is a time to meet with your old love interests.


During this Mercury retrograde, you may have issues with your family members. You will have to take care of your home environment. Repairing and fixing can come up. Arguments with family members are also seen. You may meet with your relatives as well.

The Importance of Mercury in Astrology


During this retrogression, you will have communication issues. Most of these issues can be with your relatives as well.  Delays in projects also can come up. You have to take care of your electronic data and electronic devices. Travelling also can be a challenge during this phase.    


This is a time for financial issues, so you need to be careful. Unexpected expenses can come up.  This is also the house of ego and confidence. Both can be affected during this time. There are huge chances for issues with your dear and near ones during this time. 


This is a complex time for your personal life. Health issues are possible during this time. You will have concerns regarding your personality and ambitions as well. During this time, you may meet with old friends or people who were a part of your life.  You may do a retrospect during this time. 


This is a time for retrospect, and you will work in old projects. This house indicates emotional issues and you may have to control your emotions. Your intuitions may increase. There are a lot of desire, but you may not be able to come out and talk. This is a good time for spiritual practices.


During this phase, friendships will get affected. You will have misunderstandings in relationships. This phase is not that great for group activity. So, you will feel better to work alone.  You will have doubts regarding your long-term plans.


During this phase, you may have issues at work. Your projects can get delayed. This is also a time to argue with your superiors.  During this phase, things may not work as you think. You have to prepare yourself to make productive at work. 


During this phase, you may like to express in an extreme way.  You may plan for long travels and that can bring some issues. You need to make careful plans.  Certain legal issues also can come up. There will be some challenges regarding studies as well.


This is a very sensitive phase of your life. Your finances and emotions are triggered in a reverse way. You will have to be very careful with your money. Unnecessary expenses can come up.  Some issues from tax and insurance can also come up. 


When Mercury moves in a slow down mode through the house of relationships, then you will surely have issues with your partners. This is applicable to personal and professional space. Arguments with partners will be possible. You should avoid getting into a complex relationship. It can either be a new business contract as well. If you get any job opportunities during this time also can be bringing some challenges. 


This is a crucial and complex time as Mercury will be triggering work and colleagues. You will have issues with your colleagues as well. Misunderstandings with coworkers are possible.  You should not take any risk with your job. Stay away from office politics and scandals. Otherwise, you may even lose your job. Health issues are also possible. Your work may get delayed.