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Revathi Nakshatra - Vedic Astrology

Revati Nakshatra

Feb 16th, 2021 – Tuesday

Today Star: Revati (Today upto 08:56 pm)
Thithi: Panchami (Next Day upto 05:46 am)
Karanam: Lion
NithyaYoga: Subha

Sun God_Revati NakshatraRevati Nakshatra belongs to the constellation of Pisces from 16.41 -30.00 degrees. The ruling deity of this Nakshatra is Pushan which represents the Sun God. This Nakshatra is all about nourishment and its symbol is Pushan, which also signifies nourishment. Pushan represents the Sun god, as Sun nourishes the earth, these people are all about nourishing others. Revati has “Kshiradyapani Shakti” or the power of nourishment and sustenance through milk.

In mythology, Pushan is a popular character. He married the Sun’s daughter. He guards the roads, protects man and animals from the dangers of the roads, and finds out lost animals and objects. He gives prosperity. It rears and gives shelter. So, it has in it the ideas of Poshana – supporting, nourishing. It has in it an idea of a foster father or one who is reared up or maintained by another. Pushan, not only indicates physical nourishment, but also enrichment, culture, or prosperity. He takes souls to the other dimension after death, which indicates liberation, moksha, or salvation.

The ruling planet is Mercury and Revati is symbolized by a pair of fish. The fishes are moving through the ocean. Since this is the last Nakshatra in the zodiac, the moving fishes represent the journey towards the creator. People who belong to this Nakshatra has to maintain a spiritualistic nature because that is the prime duty of them. Revati belongs to the Pisces sign and the ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. Due to this Jupiterian influence, people who belong to this Nakshatra will go through many intense experiences that can generate an attraction towards spirituality and higher philosophy. Jupiter signifies spirituality, This Nakshatra symbolizes Moksha and enlightenment. Due to this Pisces influence, they are dreamers, more like daydreaming.


Ascendant in Revati: Valiant, rich, proud, leadership skills, responsible nature, attractive, strong and clean body, sociable, many friends, a good host, good longevity, love of travel.

The Moon in Revati; Independent, ambitious, well-liked, wealthy, interest in ancient cultures, much wisdom, interest in religion and mysticism, love of pets and animals, courageous, beautiful, magnetic, clean, well-formed body, a good marriage, success in foreign lands. The moon in Revati indicates a person who is sweet, caring, responsible, and likes to care for other people. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nourishing of others. They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic, and creative. Disappointments in their early life create compassion and forgiveness for others, and it is said that they will reap karmic rewards in the next life for their caring actions. They are artistic, have divine qualities, are noble, successful, and well-respected in society

The Sun in Revati: Artistic nature, sensitive, psychic, humorous, unusual fame, interest in political science, law, philosophical nature, charitable, love of travel, desires change.

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Psychic Mediums, Hypnotists; musicians; painters; actors; entertainers; linguists; illusionists, magicians; road planners; watchmakers; astrologers; professional hosts & hostesses; gemstone dealers; managers; pearl industry workers; workers of orphanages and foster care facilities; transport professions; traffic cops; air traffic controllers, driving instructors; road safety workers; lighthouse workers.

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