Significance of Sun in astrology

Sun, the ruler of astrology

The significance of the Sun in astrology:-

There is a prominent question of authenticity regarding the Sun sign among the astrology lovers.  At the time of your birth, the Sun will be in a particular sign and that becomes your Sun sign. Let’s see what the Sun indicates in astrology.

The Sun indicates, father, self-esteem, ego, power, authority, ego government.  So, the Sun signs give a lot of insights about your soul, father, his nature, his job and so on.

The Sun is the indicator of your soul. It shows what your soul needs to be happy. Every sign is resting on many features.  For example, if your Sun is in Aries, your soul always will embrace initiations. You like to be totally free and start something of your own. When you get an opportunity to work on your own, then you will be perfect at it. Knowingly or unknowingly, you will be landing in some situation where you have to do a solo march.

Even the horoscopes which we see over the net are mostly based on sun sign. The Moon sign based horoscope is actually very less and they don’t have that popularity like the Sun sign has. The Moon sign is the indicator of mother, emotions, family and real estate deals. Whichever sign your Moon is resting; you will be thinking more about the features of that sign.

For example, when your Moon is in Pisces, you will be always lost in creative thoughts. Spirituality will be what your mind rejoices.

The Sun sign’s features will more come out in the public, but what moon sign represents will be within yourself. A chart reading is incomplete without a serious and in-depth analysis of the Sun and Moon sign.

Transits are generally seen from the Moon, that was the trend and it is in the ancient text also. Now, the situation has changed, the transits are also seen through the Sun and Ascendant as well.

Astrology is getting updated and there are a lot of additions to the existing information.  Western astrology is giving a lot of importance to the Sun sign. When we learn western astrology, we will see it as a  mix of Vedic, Arabic, Ankara, and so many other cultural sciences. Lili, who is the main person who has framed most of the Western astrological concepts, was totally influenced by almost all the existing astrological texts.