Soul’s Votive Food

Soul’s Votive Food
Food is a consecration to our own soul. Eating is not only on the physical level. When we feed ourselves; we feed our soul as well. Our body loves good and nutritious foods.Food will affect the functioning and thinking of a person that is why it is necessary to follow a food order in fasting days. Some foods are really great to eat as they give us a sense of happiness and this joy in life adds to happiness of our soul.
Alcohol and smoking weakens a person’s aura. Cigarette smoking residue remains in the aura and stopping the free flow of energy. The bottom line is that a person never eats meat in life will have virtue equal a person has accomplished hundred Ashwamedha Yaga. We should make sure that our food intervals are kept in a timely manner. We shouldn’t eat food in early morning or evening or midnight. Make sure that that food we eat is neat and clean. Always prefer to eat fresh food. Do not eat food from other’s vessels as the food wasted is considered as waste itself. It is not preferred for the husband and wife to eat from the same vessel.
There are 3 different classes of food. Attributes of the food decide its class. They are differentiated as royal; they are hot n spicy, sweet n sour and salty. These foods help us to reinforce the royal traits in human body. The second class of food intensifies the negative energy in the body; a severe negative energy balance can lead to a decline in metabolism and inability to concentrate, and a reduction in physical performance. Third class of food increases the demon traits in a human body. The people who love calmness and purity of spirit must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
Person who often eats cold and old food is likely to have difficulties by decease, anger and sorrow. Always prefer to add fruits and vegetables to your food menu than meat and fast food. The more meat you eat decrease the virtues in your life amplifies the negative energy & negative thinking. As said earlier the food we eat is a consecration to our own soul and if you are giving care to your soul by choosing your food in right manner by adding more fruits and vegetables to your menu; you will be offered an improved afterlife.
Another important reason to choose your food wisely is because the food you eat will have great impact on your thinking and your thoughts will lead you into your action and your actions decide your future. Calmness in character is much higher on people who loves to eat vegetables and fruits more and it helps them to stay healthy amidst of love, satisfaction & pleasure. Sweet fruits help us to increase mental and body strength.
Good karma and thoughts in current life gives equal outcomes in afterlife. It enhances the quality of his life and a landslide victory in life. All these are influenced by the food we choose to eat. Comprehensive knowledge in food and self-evaluation of the life and deeds of the past decides a person’s future. In afterlife a person will only be able to take back the virtues and sins of his life on earth. Whatever earned in here such as abilities, culture, education, work need to be left alone in earth and which will be with the remaining possessions of mind merges with life.
Your soul does know all about the previous life. The good karma done in this life, sins and virtues are taken in to account and it all resides in your soul. It is the deciding factor for your afterlife. Everything about afterlife is already decided before the soul is left from body. A Persons thoughts and activities have a great impact on afterlife and because of that we can say that all future incarnations are decided by the very own food he eat.

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