Female Horoscope

Female Horoscope
Majority of the results mentioned in the Hora Shastra are applicable to both men and women. Yet there are some predictions that are applicable only to men. They may not be applicable or relevant to women. If such predictions are seen in a woman’s horoscope, one could say that the effect of these will be experienced by her husband. Only the predictions applicable for women should be made. With the help of 8th house of the female horoscope the longevity of husband can be foreseen. Similarly, the physical condition of the husband can be evaluated from the ascendant and the position of Moon and the different shades of his character from the 7th house of woman’s horoscope. The 5th house indicates pregnancy, uterus and the 9th house signify beauty and fertility. The strength of house, the lord of the house and Karaka should be known for the proper prediction of the future.
Some of the Yogas in the horoscope are only applicable to woman. Soubhagya Yoga and Sukha Yoga are two important Subha Yogas in female horoscope.
Soubhagya Yoga: 
1) Strong benefic planet in the 7th house.
2) The lord of 7th house and benefic planet occupying kendras or trines.
3) Seventh house aspected by seventh lord and benefic planets.
4) A strong lord of 7th house is located in the exalted or own house in own varga (male, female, eunuch) .
Sukha Yoga:
1) Moon and Venus in the ascendant.
2) Moon and Mercury in the ascendant.
3) Venus and Mercury occupying the ascendant.
4) The lords of 5, 7, 9, 10, 11th houses occupying the ascendant or favorable positions besides being strong.
5) Moon and Venus in the Karkataka(cancer) sign. If so, the person will enjoy pleasures throughout her life.

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