September 29, 2014

The significance of houses

The significance of houses

Each house rules a particular area of your life and it has some influence. These influences are routine, and the perspective is about a person's everyday life. Based on the house these planets are placed it express their energies. When planets are in transit mode or moving through the house, the effect of slow moving planets, and that particular house seem to be of importance.
  • 1st house (Self): Structure of the body, complexion, marks on the body, sorrows and joys, adventure, good and bad qualities of body, fame, success in litigation.
  • 2nd house (Education, family and wealth): Family, face, words, right eye, education, food, minerals and elements like gold, wealth, investment.
  • 3rd house (Sibling): Sibling, boldness, assistants, neck, chest, right ear, wrong application of intelligence.
  • 4th house (mother): Maternal relatives, mother, house, self-advancement, vehicle, heart, seat, bed, comfort, village, cow, uncle, nephew, higher studies.
  • 5th house (Children): Intelligence, son, mantra, stomach, pregnancy, virtue, good manners.
  • 6th house (Ill health): Enemy, injury, fracture, obstacle, sorrow, ailment, doubt, debt, thief, fear, dishonour.
  • 7th house (Spouse): Wife, husband, marriage, achievement, bed, wife house, marital life.
  • 8th house (Longevity): Death, the cause of death, the private parts, disrespect, weapons, death due to weapons, duration of life, all kinds of misuse, the Mangalya of a wife, illness.
  • 9th house (Luck): Teachers, luck, father, son, grandson, virtuous act, and goodwill of previous birth, nobility, medicine, charity.
  • 10th house (Function): Activity, fame, occupation, respect, knowledge, religious faith, wealth accumulation, greatness.
  • 11th house (Gains): Financial gain, wealth, longevity, veneration, older brothers, legs, attainment, prosperity, hearing capacity, left ear.
  • 12th house: All kinds of transactions, misery, foreign stay, handicap, failure, collapse, left eye.
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