Result of Gulika positioned in different houses

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When Gulika is in the ascendant the following are the results:
cruelty, dishonesty, atheism, quarreling behaviour, vicious Drishti, over-eating, childlessness, short life.

Gulika Positioned Result
In 2nd House Interest in quarrels, useless words, stay in far-off places
In 3rd House Boldness, deceit, anger, ill-health, misfortune for siblings, traveling instinct
In 4th House Inadequate love from kith and kin, absence of motherly affection
In 5th House A short life, fickle mindedness, infertility, bad thoughts
In 6th House Courage, efficiency in all matters, enemy destruction, interest in learning magic, good children
In 7th House Lack of education, ingratitude, adultery, quarreling and anti-social nature
In 8th House Short physique, ugliness, defective eye, natural handicap
In 9th House Absence of blessings from teachers and scholars, philosopher, fear of snakes, stay abroad
In 10th House Selfishness, interest in sad-ending activities
In 11th House Brilliance, luxury, attractive figure, good children
In 12th House Inconsistency, lavishness, carelessness in worldly affairs

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