Birth Time Rectification (Part B)

The five Tattwas repeat themselves in a clear and definitive cyclic order, during each day, after every one and a half hour or 90 minutes. They have definite periods. They are uniform. However, their order of occurrence each day will be dependent on the weekday as follows:

Prithvi (Earth) Tattwa – 6 minutes
Jala (Water) Tattwa – 12 minutes
Thejo (Fire) Tattwa – 18 minutes
Vayu (Air) Tattwa – 24 minutes
Akash (Ether) Tattwa – 30 minutes
The total duration is 90 minutes or 1 1/2 hours.
Each Tattwa from Prithvi onwards increases by 6 minutes in duration over the one preceding it. Jala and Vayu are negative and hence they represent the Female. The Sun and Mars, being fiery, rule Tejo Tattwa. Venus and the Moon rule the Jala Tattwa. Hence, the day begins with sunrise with that Tattwa governed by the ruler of the weekday. Thereafter, the Tattwas next in order, one by one, take over as shown in Table I. See Table A and Table B.
Table A has five main columns. The first column indicates the serial number of the entries. The second column has five sub-columns. They carry the time slots from 6 a.m. The first to five sub-columns contain 90 slots each.
They are the local times both a.m. and p.m. They are distributed as follows
(i) 06-00 a.m. to 10-30 a.m.
(ii) 10-33 a.m. to 03-00 p.m.
(iii) 03-03 p.m to 07-00 p.m.
(iv) 07-03 p.m to 12-00 midnight
(v) 12-03 a.m. to 04-30.a.m.
It can be seen that they cover periods only upto 04-30 a.m. of the next day.
If birth occurs after 04-30 a.m. and before next sunrise, subtract 9 hours and take the result for reference in the Table A. The columns from 3 to 5 contain in them – Fixed, Moveable and Common signs. They carry in them the Nakshatra group of three each. The same group repeats itself after 27 minutes. The first entry under Movable column is Krittika-Uttaraphalguni- Uttarashada. Under column Fixed, it is Mrigasira-Chitta-Dhanishta and under Common column, it is Punarvasu-Visakha- Poorvabhadrapada.
Table A-1
Table A-2
Table A-3
Table B-1
Table B-2
Table B-3
Table B has the first column to denote the serial numbers and they are the same noted in the first column of Table A. The succeeding 7 columns are for the weekdays of birth from Sunday to Saturday. The sex of the child is given under each of these columns. M denotes Male and F, Female.
The letters within brackets given just after M or F denote the particular Tattwa ruling at that time of birth.
P stands for Prithvi Tattwa with a duration of 6 minutes, J stands for Jala Tattwa with a duration of 12 minutes, T stands for Tejo with a duration of 18 minutes, V stands for Vayu Tattwa with a duration of 24 minutes and a stands for Akasha Tattwa having a duration of 30 minutes.
While the Nakshatra-trio repeat themselves in the same order after 27 minutes, the sex and Tattwas do so after 90 minutes. The Tables have been constructed for an assumed time of sunrise of 6 a.m. local or mean. When the actual sunrise time differs from this, observe the following rules before referring to the Tables.
(i) If the sunrise time on any day is before 6 a.m. add the interval between that sunrise time and 6 a.m. to the local birth time, if it is after sunrise.
(ii) If the sunrise is after 6 a.m. subtract the interval – excess over 6 a.m. from the given local birth time, if it is after sunrise.
(iii) if the birth is before sunrise take the weekday of the previous day and the time of sunrise.
(iv) For the Hindu calendar, the weekday commences only after the sunrise. For example, take a case of a birth at 05-15 a.m. on February 4th, a Sunday, and the sunrise on that day is at 05-18 a.m. then the weekday of birth is to be taken as Saturday and not Sunday.
(v)The Tattwas commence the exact minute the previous one is completed.
For example, look for Tuesday. The Table shows M(t) as beginning from 06-03 a.m. and lasting till 06-21 a.m. However, it can be seen this 06-21 a.m. is noted as F(v). So it has to be taken as M(t) lasts till the 20th minute is over and the next F(v) commences just after 06-21 a.m.
For the rectification exercise to be taken up and the Tables to be consulted, the following four factors must have been ascertained beforehand.
(i)Ascendant and its Triplicities.
(ii)Nakshatra on the day of birth.
(iv)Time of Sunrise.
The theory can be understood better with the help of some actual cases given by Dr. Rao himself.
Jagdish Chandra Bose: DOB – 30-11-1858 • TOB – 04.12 pm., local time. • Lagna -Taurus • Nakshatra – Hasta • Weekday- Tuesday • Sunrise: 06.28.43.
Deducting 28′ 43″ from the recorded TOB 04.12, we get 03 43′ 17″
From the Table we can see under Serial Number 18 against 03.54pm – all agree as explained earlier.
The Lagna tallies with Fixed; Nakshatra Hasta is one of the group – Rohini- Hasta- Sravana; weekday Tuesday. So the rectified time could be 03.54 p.m.
The required correction to the recorded TOB is + 10’43” (03.54 minus 03.43M7″ = 10′.43″)
Incorporating this to the given TOB we get 04.12 p.m. plus 10’43” = 04.22.43 p.m. or 04.23′ p.m. under Akasha Tattwa.
Male: DOB – 17-06-1931 . TOB – 04.05 a.m. local time • Lagna -Taurus • Nakshatra – Aridra • Weekday- Tuesday: Sunrise: 05.32am. As the sunrise is at 05.32am., it is 28′ earlier than 6 a.m.
So adding 28′ to the recorded time of 04.05, we get 04.33 and this has to be referred to in the Tables.
However, as the birth is after 04.30 a.m. but before sunrise we have to deduct 09 hrs to get the time for the reference to the Tables.
So we get 04.33 am minus 09hrs = 07h.33m pm. {as we have Tables only till 04-30 a.m.)
Under Serial 2, we get for 07.36 fixed Lagna – Taurus- Aridra- Swati – Satabhisha – male – Tejo Tattwa.
So the correction needed is +3′.

The rectified time will then be 04.05 + 03″ = 04.08am – Tejo Tattwa.

Mahatma Gandhi: DOB – 02-10-1869 • TOB -07.10 a.m. local time • Day – Saturday • Lagna -Libra: Nakshatra – Aslesha: Weekday- Saturday: Sunrise: 05.55.30.
Sunrise time difference 00.04.30.
So TOB has to taken as 07.10.00 + 00.04.30. = 07.14.30
For 07.25 under Serial Number 25, we see all the factors agreeing.
So the correction required is +30″.

The rectified TOB will be 07.10.30 a.m. under Tejo Tattwa.

Male: DOB 14-11-1990. TOB 02.28.30 pm local time • Lagna -Pisces: Nakshatra – Chitta: Weekday- Wednesday: Sunrise: 06.03.54 local time.
Deducting 00-03.54 from 02.28.30 pm we get 02.24.36 p.m.
Table choices are : 02.03; 02.30 and 02.57
For 02.03, sex does not agree.
For 02.30 all the four tally.
02.57 is far off and hence rejected . .
Difference is + 05 ’24”

Rectified TOB is 02.28.30 pm + 05’24” = 02.33’54”

In cases where the difference of the recorded time and time slot proved in the Table become abnormal, one has to be extremely judicious in deciding. However, as all the four ingredients – Nakshatra, Lagna, weekday and sex have totally, this could be an infallible tool that can be relied upon.

If this humble attempt of the scribe enthuses budding young students of astrology to study the theory in depth and adopt or analyze it for some fruitful rectification efforts of the birth time, he would be happy his labour has not gone in vain.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology (V.S Kalyanaraman)
Continued from:Birth Time Rectification (Part A) 

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