Lords through different houses: 1st Lord in the 12th house

The 12th house is known as the Vyaya Bhava. This is another Dursthana house. This house deals with expenses, losses, expenditures for charity, end of  life, exile, life in foreign lands, obstructions in life, separation from family, going astray, withdrawal into retreat, transcendence, enlightenment, seclusion, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures of bed, sound sleep and work behind the scenes, as work in a hospital, asylum, prison, military quarters, and  monastery.

When your 1st lord is in the 12th house, it means that you will be spending more time in managing the things related to the 12th house.  You may travel to foreign lands. The 12th also means other dimensions. So, it can be astral travel as well. The 12th house deals with burdens, so you may have to show competitiveness in dealing with burdens.

Aries: Mars is your 1st lord and it will be in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of ultimate spirituality. Mars in this house may indicate a person who likes to explore divine things. Mars is a warrior and he likes to conquer all the features of the 12th house. It can be different ways. If not carefully managed the features of the 12th house can give more headaches to you because of the nature of your 1st lord. If you see Mars in the 12th house, even if it is with good aspects, you may have to slow down your energy. Always remember Pisces is the sign of ultimate spirituality and your Martian energy should not break the laws imposed by the sign of Pisces.

Venus is your 1st lord and it will be in Aries. Venus is love, spouse, marriage, agreements and contracts. Aries is the fire energy and Venus may not be that happy in this sign and as well as in the 12th house. The 12th house indicates moksha , spirituality and isolation. The Venusian qualities may struggle to keep you happy within the boundaries of the 12th house and Aries.

Mercury is your 1st lord and it will be in Taurus. Mercury is speech, communication, business, logic, and writing. It is in the sign of Taurus. In the natural zodiac, Taurus means possessions, speech, voice and finances. You should combine both. You may be working with logic in a foreign land. You may go to foreign land for your education. You may speak different languages. Knowledge about different language will come to you naturally.

Cancer: Moon is your 1st lord and it will be in Gemini. Moon in 12th house makes you very dreamy and intuitive.  Cancer is the sign of mother and homeland. When the indicator of Cancer is in the 12th house, it means you may be away from your mother or home land.

Leo: Sun is your 1st lord and it will be in Cancer: Sun is the father figures in astrology. It means power, ego, government and self esteem as well. You may travel to the foreign land as a part of protecting your ego or self esteem. You may even take up a job in government to move out of your country. You may be interested in too much of spirituality.

Virgo: Mercury is your 1st lord. It will be in Leo. This will be almost like Gemini. Mercury in Leo will like to learn ancient texts. It may promote you as a linguist or a writer.

Libra: Venus is your 1st lord and it will be in Virgo. Venus will be in a debilitated mode. This may give you stress in dealing with matters of the 12th house. You may have to take care of using the soft emotions for the wrong purposes.

Mars is your 1st lord and it will be in Libra. This will be almost like Aries. The Mars in Libra can make you less focused in the relationships. You may like to overpower your counterparts with the Martian energy. This can cause concerns in the matters of 12th house.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is your 1st lord. It will be in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign if hidden knowledge, occult, paranormal and investments. This sign deals with the sudden twists in your life. Jupiter is the teacher of the zodiac. When Jupiter as your 1st lord placed in the 12th house means, you may be a teacher of hidden knowledge. Since Scorpio deals with finances you may be managing or teaching others to manage finances as well. You may be a person who went through ups and downs in life and started teaching others about life and philosophy.

Capricorn: Saturn is the 1st lord and it will be in Sagittarius. Saturn shows obstacles and delays in astrology. Saturn in a dursthana house will be able to stop you from falling into troubles. In fact Saturn will block the evil effects of the 12th house it will be able to give you gains, if you are strictly following the spirituality and higher dharma. Sagittarius is the sign if Jupiter and it signifies higher knowledge, wisdom and dharma.

Aquarius: This will be almost like Capricorn. Saturn is your lagna lord and it will be in its own sign Capricorn. This will be a happy place for Saturn because he is own house. This will make you struggle less with the matters of 12th house.

Pisces: Jupiter is your lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius deals with charity, hopes, gains, future, collective projects and large groups. Here Jupiter may make you a teacher for large groups. You may teach the lessons of Charity. You may handle the projects for the gains.

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