Lords through different Houses:1st Lord in the 8th House

1st lord in the 8th house


The 8th house in astrology means a lot. Research studies, transformations, sexuality, spirituality, inheritances, psychic abilities, taxes, insurance, loans, hidden treasures, mysticism, Tantriks, counselor, hidden things in laws and psychics. In Vedic astrology 8th house is one of the Dur Sthana houses.  This house shows the signs and aspects of fear, anxieties and psychological status of a person according to the planets.
When the 1st lord is in the 8th house, the person’s entire life will be revolving around the matters of the 8th house.  Your personality can be immensely depending upon the matters of 8th house. You may be a very secretive person. You have many experiences which gave you a lot of transformations.
Aries: Mars is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the planet of war. This may create power struggles in your family as well as within in-laws. You may have to be very careful while dealing with money. There will be a great interest in sex and occult sciences.
Taurus: Venus is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Venus is love, luxury, comfort, relations and women. You may like to be more sexual. Your desire for sexual dealings can be very intense. You like to keep secrets. You may even make money through the features of 8th house. Venus, the planet of desire will ignite the desire for those mysterious features in the 8th house. You may get so much of wealth from your in laws.
Gemini: Mercury is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn signifies discipline. Mercury is intellect and logic. Mercury is the planet of communication also.  You will be very eager to study the features of 8th house. You may be a researcher. You may like to show others what you know about tantrik vidya, occult or psychic intuitions. You may even work in finance or research related areas.
Cancer: Moon is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Aquarius. The results will be a combination of the features of 8thhouse and the sign of Aquarius. Moon signifies emotions and mother in astrology. When your Lagna lord moon is in the 8thhouse, your mind will be totally into the features of the 8th house. Your mother may also be very emotional. The moon is a soft planet and it may not be happy to be there in the harsh features of the 8th house. You may have to put extra effort in keeping yourself alert.
Leo: Sun is your 1st lord and it will be in Pisces. Pisces is also a sign dealing with hidden things, secrets, mysteries and Tantric. Sun is here to brighten up all the features of 8th house and Pisces sign. This person will have so much knowledge about psychology, Tantric Vidya, mantra. You will see those things are hidden. Hidden treasures, hidden enemies, hidden knowledge, and you may work in some area which is related to hidden knowledge. It can be a role of a secret keeper. You may have a lot of intuition. You like invading secret dimensions. The 8th house also is the house of finance and in-laws. You may have the opportunity to get wealth through in laws.
Virgo: Mercury is the Lagna Lord. It will be in the house of Aries. This sign is ruled by Mars. You will be interested in researching about finances. There can be a great amount of interest in teaching others. You may teach occult and mysterious stuff.
Libra: Your Lagna lord is Venus. It will be in Taurus. The result will be almost like Taurus. You may like to spend time in learning occult stuff. You can even be a healer.
Scorpio: Mars is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Gemini. This will be almost like an Aries. You may be sending information about mysterious sciences. You may have power struggles with your people.
Sagittarius: Jupiter is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is exalted here. This may make you addicted to the mysterious things in the 8th house. Jupiter is wisdom and higher philosophy. You will combine philosophy into the occult. This house deals with insurance, loan, taxes, and finances. Jupiter indicates that you will be guarding others wealth or you will teach others to guard their wealth.
Capricorn: Saturn is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Leo. Saturn shows obstructions and delays. You may keep a lot of secrets. Especially some government related secrets, because Leo is politics and the rules of Leo Sun signifies government. Features of 8th house include finances, knowledge, and Tantrik Vidya. You will go very deep into the mysterious knowledge. Saturn is delay, obstacles and mental burdens, the 8th house’s features may even give you stress.
Aquarius: Saturn is your lagna. It will be in Virgo. Virgo means health and enemies. This placement may mean you are getting delayed in getting wealth. There can be some problem related to inheritance. You may have hidden fears also. Your finances will improve during the 2nd half of your life.
Pisces: Jupiter is your lagna. It will be in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of agreement, contracts and marriage. You may be busy in guarding others wealth. You may even teach others for guarding their wealth. You like to learn about the occult. This will be almost like that of Sagittarius.
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