Brief Profile of Astrologer – J V Pillai

Jayalal-AstrologerMr. J V Pillai

A Vedic Astrologer

J V Pillai, from Kochi Kerala, is a Vedic astrologer with deep set knowledge in Horoscope analysing, Marriage matching, Career forecast, Prasna sasthra and Gem recommendation.

He is a BSc Mathematics and PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) holder who has also entitled Jyothisha Bhooshanam and Prasna Bhooshanam from a renowned Astrology institution in Kochi.
  • J V Pillai considers Vedic Astrology as the best guidance tool to help people to make the right choices and lead a happy life.
  • He is an expert in suggesting remedies. As a propagator of positive astrology, he recommends simple and logical remedies that can improve the person’s confidence and bring good luck.
  • He can suggest remedies matching to the customs and traditional values of Hindus and Christians as well. J V Pillai is an employee at Astro-Vision FutureTech, Kochi.
  • He has written a lot of Vedic Astrology Articles on Mathrubhumi Online Magazine.


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