Khavedamsa D40 and Akshavedamsa D45

Khavedamsa D40 and Akshavedamsa D45

Khavedamsa D40:

The knowledge of the Lords of Khavedamsha in respect of odd signs is to be commencing from Aries and for even signs from Libra. Vishnu, Chandra, Marichi, Twashta, Dhata, Siva, Ravi, Yama, Yakeshesha, Gandharva, Kala, and Varuna repeat successively as the presiding Deities in their same order for all signs. Khavedamsha is the 40th division of a sign and its value being 45’.

Akshavedamsa D45:

Akshavedamsa of the signs commences with Aries in movable sign, Leo in a fixed sign, and Sagittarius in dual signs. In movable signs, Brahmma, Siva, and Vishnu; in fixed signs, Siva, Vishnu, and Brahmma; In dual signs, Vishnu, Brahmma, and Shiva respectively are the Lords and they repeat their Lordship in each sign fifteen times.

Author: Bharathi R Ram

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