Divisional Charts And Its Purpose

Divisional Charts - Vedic Astrology Lessons

Divisional Charts

  • Divisional Charts are the ninefold divisions of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.  
  • DIVISIONAL Charts are keys to understanding horoscopes.

For detailed analyses of the Horoscope, we have to study the Divisional Charts.  These are studied for two purposes.  First, we study them to see the strength of the planet by observing its placement in various divisions.  Secondly, DC is studied for identifying the results of a particular aspect of live by studying the corresponding divisional chart along with the concerned house in the natal chart.


The following table shows the 20 basic Divisional Charts, their nomenclature, and their purpose.

D1 Rasi Physical Body
D2 Hora Wealth
D3 Drekkana Co-born
D4 Chaturthamsa Property and Fortunes
D5 Panchamsa Fame and Power
D6 Shashtamsa Health
D7 Sapthamsa Progeny
D8 Ashtamsa Unexpected Troubles
D9 Navamsa Spouse
D10 Dasamsa Work, Carrier, Profession
D11 Eka Dasamsa Death
D12 Dwadasamsa Parents
D16 Shodasamsa Vehicles, Luxuries, Happyness
D20 Vimsamsa Spiritualism
D24 Chatur Vimsamsa Higher Learning
D27 Nakshathramsa Strength and Weakness
D30 Thrimsamsa Evil
D40 Khavedamsa Matrilineal legacy
D45 Akshavedhamsa Patrimonial legacy
D60 Sashtiamsa Past Karma

The first cycle of the D Charts from D1 to D 12 covers the various aspects of the physical reality of a person.  Out of these, the Rasi, Drekkana, and Navamsa are considered to be the most important in analyzing a Horoscope,.

The next cycle is covering Divisions from D 13 to D24.  Out of these, the 3 divisions of  D15, D20, D24 are generally used.

The third cycle covers D 25 to D36 relating to the subconscious region and unconsciously influences the mind.  

The fourth cycle covering from D 37 to D 48 deals with past Karma, which is inherited as an ancestral legacy.  The important divisions in the cycle are D40 and D 45.  

D49 to D60 shows the accumulated Karma from past birth, which a person carries with him like a legacy.  In this context, D50 is the most relevant division.

Author: Barathi R Ram

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