Auspicious Yogas of Sun

Veshi Yoga
Veshi Yoga is formed when planets other than the moon occupy the second house from the Sun, and there is no planet in the twelfth house from the Sun.  So the results depend purely on the placement of the Sun and how it is in the second house from the Sun. For example, if the 2nd house from Sun is placed in good condition, the result will obviously be favorable and auspicious.
When Sun is placed in the 9th house in Scorpion, the 10th house has Jupiter in Sagittarius, in that case, Veshi yoga will form that will give him good results like:
1. He will have a supportive father
2. He will be supported by his friends
3. He may reach new heights in his professional career
4. His contribution will be acknowledged by others.
Result: This person will be fortunate, happy, famous and aristocratic.
Vasi Yoga
Vasi Yoga is formed when planets except Moon occupies the 12th house from the Sun.
One born with Vasi Yoga will be a charitable, skillful, cautious, good orator, like a King, and genuine. He will earn fame, and have the strength to learn new things; he will also possess a good memory. He will have a strong and healthy physique. Malefic forming this yoga will give contrary effects.”
A person having this yoga will be prosperous, liberal and will be liked by all.
Ubhayachari Yoga
When planets other than the moon are present on either side of the Sun, Ubhayachari yoga is formed. This produces a native with a strong physique, the capability to shoulder great responsibility, learning, good-looks, wealth and numerous objects of pleasure. The native will have a strong, intense body organ, not only they will be good looking, but will be skillful, resistant, passionate and famous. The best part of this person will be that he will be able to handle the most complicated situation with a balanced approach.



The native with Ubhayachari yoga will have the power like that of King’s, he will undertake several projects and accomplish them. He will be satisfied in all that he does, and everyone will like his way of dealing.

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