Nipuna, Parivartana, Adhi Yoga

Nipuna Yoga
If Sun and Mercury are in the same house without combustion (moudyam) is called Nipuna yoga or Budha-Aditya yoga.
Result: A person born with this yoga is highly intelligent, skillful in all works, He will have a good reputation, Respectable, and will be surrounded by all comforts and happiness.
Parivartana yoga
When two planets exchange houses, they gain some strength and behave as if they are located each in its own house. By exchange they get linked to each other. If the lord of good house establishes an exchange with a benefic house, good results are produced. However when adverse houses are involved the results too are adverse.
Adhi Yoga
This yoga is produced by the occupation of the 6, 7, and 8th houses from the moon by benefics (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) This gives rise to high status. The command of an army , kingship and governmental recognition. This yoga further ensures good health, long life and prosperity.
Note:- This yoga demands that the three benefics must occupy. The three houses (6,7 and 8) from the moon jointly or singly (in whatever combination). The presence of malifics in these houses spoils this yoga. 

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