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 Let the essence of Vedic Astrology empower your day-to-day activities. Now you can have the expert astrology guidelines on your daily life with a few taps on your mobile. Clickastro Daily Horoscope app gives your horoscope based daily predictions plus panchanga and marriage matching features. This free daily horoscope app analyses your sookshma dasas to provide accurate daily predictions. Install this app now and get empowered by daily horoscope predictions. You can start you days having some expert Vedic Astrology guidelines and prepare yourself to meet the daily course of events.
This daily horoscope app is a result of Clickastro’s long-term effort to empower you in your everyday activities, with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology. The app offers you for Free, daily horoscope and prediction, daily panchang, kundli/horoscope matching etc. The app also lets you avail your in-depth or complete horoscope in free and paid versions. Clickastro daily horoscope is the app you should use if you wish to have a prior understanding of your day. Yes, the app provides you with the significant guidelines which help you take the key decisions of the day. Be aware of the cosmic designs of the day and prepare yourself for reaping success and maximum benefits.
Don’t you feel good when you can have your daily horoscope and predictions in your mobile?
The daily horoscope app gives your precise daily horoscope and predictions by analyzing your sookshma dasa. In Vedic astrology, the Dasa system is used to judge the effects of planetary periods in the native’s life. The good & bad effects of each planetary period are determined by the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart. Dasas are classified into antra-dasa or bhukti, pratyantar dasa and so on to make a precise study of the planetary effects. Thus, analyzing the sookshma dasas can help judging the possible events on a day. Clickastro daily horoscope app‘s daily horoscope and predictions are based on sookshama dasa analysis. Have a look at your daily horoscope and plan your day’s events now; you can make up your mind on ‘what to do’ & ‘how to act’.
The other features of Clickastro daily horoscope app include Panchang, Kundli Matching or Marriage Matching and In-depth Horoscope. You can have a clear picture of the daily cosmic designs by knowing the daily panchang along with your daily horoscope. Kundli matching or horoscope compatibility check is the Vedic Astrology way of marriage matching. It involves analyzing the various parameters in the horoscopes of two people to check their compatibility. In addition to the daily horoscope & predictions, you can also generate your In-depth or complete horoscope. Kundli matching and in-depth horoscope are available in free and paid versions.
‘Daily horoscope predictions at your fingertips’ is what Clickastro aimed to provide with the development of this app. Install Daily horoscope app on your mobile to have your daily horoscope based guidelines and predictions.
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