Directions of planets; combustion

The directions of planets:
  • Sun represents the soul, moon our heart, Mars our physical body, Mercury good communication skills, Jupiter intelligence, Venus love and Saturn sorrows.
  • Except for Sun and Moon, the other planets sometimes stop their movement and move backwards. This is called retrograde motion or Vakram.
  • When a planet moves fast from one sign to another, contrary to its natural path, it is called Adhicharam.
  • When a planet stays in a sign for a longer time than needed it is called Grahasthambhanam.
Combustion of planets

Combustion occurs when planets come too close to Sun. When the planets come within the following distances of Sun they can be considered to have combustion. Moon within 12 degrees from Sun, Mars within 17 degrees, Mercury within 13 degrees, Jupiter within 11 degrees, Venus within 9 degrees and Saturn within 15 degrees.


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