Dwadasamsa – D12

Dwadasamsa - D12 - Vedic Astrology

Dwadasamsa – D12

The Dwadasamsa calculation should be made from the same sign onwards.  The Lords of these Dwadasamsas are Ganesh, Ashwini Kumar, Yama and Sarpa ( who repeat their Lordship thrice in each sign)  

Every Dwadasamsa is of 2° – 30’ ie. it is the 1/12th division of a sign.  In every sign, it commences from the same and runs to the 12th sign from it.  Thus in Taurus, it will commence from this sign and will remain up to Aries, the 12th sign from it.  

Houses in Dwadasamsa:

Mr. Gaurangadas in Sri Jagannath Centre’s ‘VARGA CHAKRA’ book explains the houses of Dwadasamsa.  The 1st house will indicate the natives’ nature and relationship towards the parents, grandparents, and influences he gets from them.  The Lagna may also indicate events around the birth of the native.

The second house will indicate the childhood of the natives and influences therefrom.

The 3rd and 11th houses could indicate a relationship with siblings in terms of the parents’ attraction. 

4th house is for mother and initial education received from her, whereas, 5th house will indicate the Punya or Papa karma manifesting thru’ the parents, or the transmitted by them.  

The 8th house will indicate the inheritance from the parents, whereas, the 6th may indicate the debts incurred by them, which may become a burden on the native with their death. Also, the 8th house may indicate a loan from the parents, whereas, the 6th house may show debts towards them.  These houses will indicate the ‘sraddha rights performed by the native.

The ninth house will indicate the father and the Dharma received from him. The 10th house may indicate the vocational skills taught by the father.  The 11th house may indicate gains from the parents as well as the 2nd house.  

The 12th house may indicate the Gothra, forefathers, etc. all within the range of the native’s physical existence.

Author: Bharathi R Ram

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