How is the “Saturn – Ketu Conjunction 2019” going to impact you?

Saturn - Ketu Conjunction 2019

The year of 2019 is gaining a lot of focus due to just one conjunction. This conjunction is very rare and seems to be heavy as well.   You will have to understand how it works. This conjunction will be prolonged conjunction as Saturn is a slow planet and Ketu is a planet which always moves in a slow down mode.  Both the planets are working in the same framework and it will ignite the karmic baggage in us.

Importance of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn is a planet for structure and discipline. It is a slow planet and indicates Karma. It rules the most auspicious houses in the chart which is the 10th and 11th houses.  The 10th house indicates the profession, career, promotion, fame, public esteem, status, position, honor, authority, government, employer, and responsibilities. The 11th house indicates profits, gains, long term goals and hopes. A person can’t be happy with both. So, we can assume that Saturn is not an unwanted element, or it is not to be hated.  At the same time, both the matters are very sensitive, and we have to show utmost purity and maturity in dealing with the matters which is indicated by Saturn.

Meanwhile, Ketu indicates spirituality, isolation, detachment, and research.  Ketu is a feared planet people generally are afraid to go through Ketu dasa. During the Ketu dasa, you will show the interest to be spiritual.

When both the planets come together, then it will surely bring a lot of opportunity for retrospect. Both the planets will be conjunctive with another sign for spirituality and higher thoughts, which is Sagittarius.  Sagittarius itself is the sign of spirituality, higher thoughts, pilgrimages, higher studies, teachers, gurus, and mentors.  So, this conjunction will naturally prick the spiritualist in you.

Sagittarius is the planet for politics, leaders, and administration. Saturn and Ketu are a kind of rebels, so you may easily assume that there will be a lot of political changes in the coming days. All of us will be a part of these moves. Saturn and Ketu indicate a lot of restriction, so there are chances for restriction on freedom. Sagittarius indicates freedom, free speech, and full liberty.  When the planets for restriction and retrospect comes, then there can be a lot of zeal for self-awareness among us.

People will move into a lot of spirituality, thus self-awareness and that will bring a lot of new groups in the coming days. Those who work as activists will be finding new reasons to come up.

The coming days will have a lot of seriousness and rebelliousness.

The Reflective Rahu-Ketu Axis (Part A) and (Part B)

Rahu, which is the first half of Ketu, will be moving into the sign of communication, which is Gemini. Rahu indicates aggression, so, there will be a lot of aggressive communication in the coming days. Rahu is moving through the sector for small groups, technology, media, and speech. There will be a lot of rebellion through communication, media, and speech during the next year.

All these factors are making a lot of importance to the upcoming Saturn and Ketu conjunction.