The Vedic Sign of Magha Nakshatra – The Full Moon Occurs on Leo

Vedic Sign of Magha Nakshatra - Full Occurs on Leo

Get Ready to watch The biggest “Full Moon in Leo” — the second of what some astronomy enthusiasts are dubbing the “supermoon trifecta” of 2019. Three straight months with full supermoons. If your eastern sky is clear at dusk on 19 February be sure to take a good look at the full Moon rising in the constellation of Leo. If it seems a bit bigger than usual then it’s due to more than just the lunar illusion, for this full Moon is the largest that you’ll see all year 2019.

The Full Moon occurs on Monday night, growing into complete fullness in sidereal Leo on Tuesday morning, February 19th at 7:54 am PST. During this full Moon, is considered as the Vedic sign of Magha, “the mighty,” and highlights our sovereignty and individual power, as well as how we use this to serve others (opposite the Sun in Aquarius). Already there are wars between Venus and Saturn, however, and Mars strong in his own sign, there may be some friction with others as we attempt to balance personal strength with inter-personal relationships.

How the moon phases can affect your life?


Leo is the sign governed by the Sun, the successful “lord” of the zodiac, making Leo a position of authority, power, and unavoidably, a feeling of the pecking order that is identified with administration/rulership. With the Moon completely lit up here, our brains and hearts come in contact with our inner power. The Sun is in truth the inner power within each one of us, truly filling life in this nearby planetary group, radiating the light and warmth vital for life as we probably are aware of it.

When we are in contact with this inner light, it hoists us into a position where we can make a move, shine brilliantly, and venture into our very own power. In the best conditions, we don’t store this light or power for ourselves, in any case, yet this changes us into pioneers who can help deal with others with their bounteous light. A case of this is the point at which we see guardians, CEOs, and administrative figures utilizing their energy and authority to deal with numerous individuals outside themselves. (This is the higher or appropriate working of the Sun’s light in Leo; when we crowd the Sun’s power for an individual increase, it, in the long run, consumes us, as we have seen from the beginning of time.)

To the degree that we do sit in the splendid beams of the Sun, engrossing his power as opposed to sharing it, the most beneficial approach to utilize this energy is for self-filtration. The Sun is a sattvic planet and his flame is a device to cleanse us, to enable us to hoist into our most astounding selves. As we lounge in the shine of the full Moon in Leo, we will flourish on the off chance that we can utilize this energy for both self-filtration and outward giving.

The full Moon in Leo is inverse an Aquarius Sun. Aquarius is an indication that relates especially to the administration of the entire, and frequently, renunciation of individual power. In any case, with the Sun and Moon in inverse axes here, we can come into contact with all the more harmony between the two.


Magha Nakshatra:

Vedic Sign of Magha NakshatraMagha, “the strong,” is the Vedic nakshatra that traverses the initial 13 degrees of sidereal Leo, yet connected most with the star Regulus. This brilliant star inside Leo group of stars transmits a glorious sparkle and inspires sentiments of sovereignty, power, and honorability. Its image is the imperial position of royalty, and its soul creature is the male rodent.

Magha is governed by the Pitris, the progenitor divinities. With the Moon here, it is an incredible time to interface with your tribal conventions, to respect your genealogy or educators, and to take advantage of your hereditary shrewdness.


Saturn and Venus will be in the planetary war (inside one level of one another in sidereal Sagittarius), on the seventeenth and eighteenth, paving the way to this Full Moon. In this occasion, the two planets are tested and debilitated, and we may discover inconvenience in different everyday issues, including connections, work, satisfaction, and tolerance. Whichever four everyday issues these planets rule for you might be under pressure this end of the week.


Subsequent to passing Saturn and proceeding towards the finish of Sagittarius, Venus will confront another intense combination in a couple of days as he transits into Capricorn, conjoining Ketu all the while. The Venus-Ketu precise combination will be on February 24th, at 0° sidereal Capricorn. This could raise a portion of the shadows in our connections, as Ketu will in general do. He is additionally known to expand disappointment, analysis, and abhorrence, so on the off chance that you are feeling along these lines about your accomplice (or your satisfaction in life when all is said in done) around this time, search for what basic exercises are coming through, however, don’t repudiate everything in a snapshot of eruption to the pressure.

Nodal transits and conjunctions can be intense, and they allow us to see where we have to do work in our lives. It is best to gather exercises and understanding from what is coming through when you feel lucidity around it, however, it is prudent not to settle on rushed choices out of worry amid these transits.


Mercury additionally transits into Pisces, his indication of weakening, on February 24th, and will be frail at 0°. With Mercury in Pisces, our investigative reasoning will, in general, get increasingly “vivid” and confident. This can be pleasant and encourage innovativeness, particularly in case you’re typically progressively left-brained, however, know that you may not be as on-the-ball with the subtleties as you normally seem to be. He at that point stations and goes into retrograde movement on March fifth, the day preceding the following new Moon on March the sixth.


Mars is sva (in his own sign) in Aries until March 22nd. This can be a decent time to get restrained, and particularly to consider getting somewhat more exercise and movement as we leave the winter season. For those with a burdened or troublesome Mars, be that as it may, this can prompt more outrage and hostility. Make certain to stay with cooling exercises on the off chance that you feel your disappointment building and bubbling.

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