Impact of Weak Mars on your Life

Mars  is a very controversial planet in astrology. Mars is a fiery planet and denotes the resistance and vigor in astrology. Actually, any planet can be in have a bad effect when it is placed in a bad mode. Even if the truth is that mars should be been feared more than Saturn.

The planet Mars denotes one’s willpower, courage, energy, the strength of body and power in life. A person having good Mars will fulfil his success throughout the life. When the planet Mars is weak, these characteristics can be in a troubled more. The person having weak Mars should identify this and may have to be trained to use his energy properly.

Mars is debilitated in the Sign of Cancer. Cancer is a watery sign and Mars is a fiery planet. In the water sign, Mars will be very uncomfortable. If your Mars is debilitated, then you may have a restless behaviour. You may easily get angered or you may not be able to use your courage and vigor in a direct manner. The results can be weaker according to the degrees of debilitation.

When Mars is in retrograde mode, then the person can identify his power and courage later in his life. It can be like some delayed milestones. Mars will be weak in enemy signs and when in conjunction with enemy planets.

You should realize that Mars indicates a lot of mental activity. Willpower is actually a mental property. Even if our body is not that much strong since people win just because of their strong willpower. If your Mars is in a bad mode, you will become ambition-less and you should not think that you are a loser.

The most important factor towards victory is identifying your strength and weaknesses and accepting them wholeheartedly. Along with willpower, your immunity, blood count, and bone health can also get affected. If you have anger issues, then you should realize that and try to control and progress in anger management.

The challenges in the birth chart are not for any specific period like Mahadasa. These challenges are actually a lifelong process and you will get many opportunities to control your life. When you get such opportunities, you should have to use effectively.

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