Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful? (Part 1)

Inauspicious Mangala
Why is Mars called Mangala?
The term Mangala takes its origin from the Sutras मङ्गेरलच् (Unadisutra 4163 in Ashtadhyayi) which means something which leads to comfort or is auspicious. It is applied to Mars by the Principle of Vipareethalakshana, an ironical statement in which an object with properties contrary to it is referred. In other words mangala with reference to Mars means one who does not do auspicious things. In Sanskrit, Rakshasa or a demon is also called Punyajana by the same principle because he does not do good acts.

Though this is true in general, Mars acts at times benevolently or at least reins himself from exercising his wrath and fiery. The ghastly way in which the Martian wrath manifests is frightening. In mundane astrology terrorism is generally controlled by him. In natal and horary astrology, he is an important indicator of unpleasant occurrences, though at times the mild manifestation of the results is a great solace.

Mars and Progeny
According to Saravali,

भौमः पञ्च्मभवने जातं
विनाशयति पुत्रम् |
टृष्टे गुरुणा प्रथम सितेन
न च सर्वसन्टृष्टः||

Mars is the 5th kills the new born instantaneously. When Jupiter aspects him he kills the first child. If Venus or other planets aspect Mars, this result is not redeemed.

This can be literally interpreted. If Mars is the lord of the 5th and occupies the 5th childbirth is likely and death is not be predicted. If he is exalted he may do it at times. If the Sun is in Virgo Ascendant and Mars is in the 5th, death of child is to be predicted (Brihat Jataka 21-1). When Mars as the lord of the Ascendant occupies the 5th , childbirth is to be predicted and it takes placed quickly if there is a benefit aspect vide.

अत्रोदाहरणं कुजे सुतगते
सिन्हे झषे वास्थिते |
पुत्राप्तीं शुभ्विक्षिते
झटिति तत्प्राप्ति वदन्त्युमाः ||

For Pisces’Ascendant there is a special combination. Mars in the 5th gives a child through the second wife.

सूर्ये नान्ययुते सुतर्क्ष्
सहिते चन्द्रस्य गेहे स्थिते |
भौमे व भृगुजेवि वा
सति सुतप्राप्तिं द्वितीयास्त्रीयं ||

Some others similarly say that it affects the child or wife. In fact, death of a child is possible when a combination causing danger to wife is given and vice versa.

With due deference to the ancient writers, we must note that these Slokas cannot be applied verbatim. When the death of child is mentioned, we find from practical observation that one of the following is likely:

(i)Death of a child
(ii)Child/children show recalcitrance and cause displeasure by their wayward behaviour.
(iii)Children stay away from parents and go to the extent of admitting the parents in old-age homes.
(iv)They damage the reputation of the parents causing them distress.

This has been illustrated by a few horoscopes given later.

Barrenness is classified into four categories namely काकवन्ध्या (Kakavandhya), कदलीवन्ध्या (Kadalivandhya), मृतवन्ध्या (Mritavandhya) and  स्त्रीवन्ध्या (Streevandhya).

Kakavandhya means a barren woman who is not capable of conception. Kadalivandhya is a woman with a single child. Mritavandya is one whose children do not live. Mritavandhyadosha is often caused by Mars.

According to Brihat Jataka

कोणोदये भृगुतनयेस्तचक्रसंधौ
वन्ध्यापति र्यदी न सुतर्क्षमिष्टक्त्म्  |
जायन्वितो बलवि भूषण सत्त्वयुक्त्
स्तेजो ग्यति साहसयुतश्रच कुजे स्वभागे ||

When Saturn is in the Ascendant and Venus is in the 7th in Chakra Sandhi (junction of Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-Sagittarius, Pisces-Aries), one becomes the husband of a barren woman if the 5th is not occupied by a benefic.

Here also Vandhya can be interpreted as coming under one of the four categories. Konodaya can mean one of the four signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

For Virgo Ascendant with Venus in the Pisces- Aries junction without any benefic in the 5th, this combination may be said to be present.

Remedial Measure
For Mritavandhya Dosha the remedy is to worship Lord Subramanya in some form. One can observe Skanda Shasti Vrata or read 36-37 Sargas of Balakanda of Srimad Ramayana which describe the birth of Lord Skanda. In one case I found a combination caused by Mars which resulted in Mritavandhya Dosha. I suggested as a remedy the reading of 36-37 of Sargas of the Ramayana for 41 days and it proved successful.

It is necessary to point out that making predictions on childbirth with blinkers on against marital influence is not correct and leads to imperfect results. The position of the 5th Bhava, its lord, Kshetra Sphuta, Bija Sphuta and many other factors are required. Though it is difficult to isolate the marital influence from others which are invariably intertwined one point is to be noted. Use the favourable and unfavourable results attributed to Mars and then apply the following principle from Brihat Jataka.

(a)If the same planets give contrary results, the two cancel each other. If one of them is stronger it will be experienced.
(b)One planet does not cancel the results of another planet. Each will be experienced during the period of the planet concerned.

Courtesy: ModernAstrology(Dr.S.Madhavan)                                                         to be continued…

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