The relations between planets and Grahadrishti

The relations between planets


Planets Friend Enemy Equal
Sun Ma, Ju, Moo Sat, Ven Mercury
Moon Sun, Mer Nil Ma, Ju, Sat, Ven
Mars Ju, Sun, Moo Mer Sat, Ven
Mercury Sun, Ven Moo Ju, Sat, Ma
Jupiter Sun, Moo, Ma Ven, Mer Saturn
Venus Mer, Sa Sun, Moon Ma, Ju
Saturn Mer, Ven Su, Mo, Ma Jupiter
Rahu Mer, Ven, Sat Su, Mo, Ju Mars
Ketu Mer, Ven, Sat Su, Mo, Ju Mars
For all planets, the lords of their exalted signs and those of 12, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 of their Moolathrikonasigns are friends. If they get the lordship of two houses then they become friends and with the lordship of one house they become equal. For planets with lordship of only one sign (Sun and Moon), the lordship of any one of the above mentioned houses will create friends. The planets who are not lords of any of the aforesaid houses become enemies of wishes.
The relations between planets and Grahadrishti
Grahadrishti (planetary aspects) is based on the Vedic Astrology system, which does a free epicyclical aspect to find the supremacy on each other. Grahas constitute living forms or energy. All living beings have desire, and the seventh Bhava exhibits desire. So, every graha (except Ketu) has a desire on the seventh from their position.

Every planet has a drishti (view)to the seventh sign from its current sign. Besides Jupiter has special drishtitowards its 5thand 9thhouses. Mars has a special drishtitowards the 4th, 8thhouses and Saturn has towards the 3rdand 10thhouses from its own sign. Gulikahas special drishtitowards the 2ndand 12thhouses from its sign.

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