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Viparita Rajayoga

Viparita Rajayogas are of course Rajayogas but these great yogas arise from the struggles. There are three Viparita a Raja Yogas – Harsha, Sarala, and Vimala. You have to go through negative events and gain success by overcoming that negativity.

For this yoga, we count negative houses, ie, dursthana houses. They are 6, 8, and 12. These 3 houses are known to be negative houses in the chart. They are dealing with financial, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual burdens.

 Houses in Astrology

For example, your 6th house deals with disputes, diseases and injuries, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, thieves, fears, doubts, worries, vices, and weaknesses. The 8th house represents longevity, inner and outer transformations, death, easy gains, marital-tie, vulnerability, fear, accidents, litigation, bankruptcy, misfortunes, disgrace, and disappointments. The 12th house represents expenses, losses, life in foreign lands, obstructions in life, separation from family, withdrawal into retreat, transcendence, enlightenment, seclusion, imprisonment, hospitalization, and loneliness. These houses and the house lords are the ones who play the main role in the formation of this yoga.

Harsha Yoga

When the lord of 6th is placed in the 6th, 8th and in the 12th house, then it forms the Harsha yoga. So, the person will face obstacles from 6th, 8th, and 12th house matters. They will give him issues, but he will defeat all those enemies and inimical situations and get a lot of gains.

Sarala Yoga

When the 8th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, then the Sarala Yoga springs up.

Vimala Yoga

When the 12th lord placed in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, then the Vimala Yoga exists.

Important features of Viparita Rajayoga

The planet which rules the houses are very important. Their situation and nakshatra placement also should be considered. The 6th, 8th and 12th houses are negative houses. The logic in astrology is that a negative planet in a negative house provides good protection to that house.

Planets like Moon, Venus and Jupiter are totally a kind of mild planets and they don’t like to deal with negative situations. They are meek and lowly. They always like to be tension free.

So, if you have a harsh planet like Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is in these houses, then it should be a kind of positive indication as they show that you are highly resistant. That doesn’t mean that your life is totally gone if your 6th, 8th, 12th lord is Moon, Venus, or Jupiter.

All house lords want to protect their own house. That’s why Lagna lord is always seen as positive. The positive results will diminish if they are in retrogression or debilitation in the case of Lagna.
Strong planets are ideal to be the house lords in Viparita  Raja Yogas.  There are so many good things arising from this Viparita  Raja yogas. The ideal Viparita  Raja yoga will be 6th lord in the 6th, 8th lord in the 8th and 12th lord in 12th.

If you see these yogas in your chart, then you should rejoice, that you have a great amount of hope even if you are going through a lot of struggles. These yogas assure you that the good times are near and they may come to you during the Mahadasa and Antardasa of the house lord which forms Viparita Yogas.

9 Comments on “Viparita Raja Yoga”

  1. Sir,
    I am an Aries Ascendant with Mercury in Virgo (sixth house) and Jupiter in Pisces (twelfth house). Can this be considered as Vipreet Raj Yoga or merely these planets in their own house?

  2. Yes , sixth in sixth and 12th in 12th indeed gives rise to viparita Raj yoga. However viparita Raj yoga formed by evil planets are stronger than one formed by good planets.
    However viparita Raj yoga is a rajyoga.

  3. Hello – I have Capricorn Lagan and the Lagan lord Saturn is in 6th house. The Sun is placed in its own house 8th house along with mercury and mars.
    Jupiter is in 2nd house. Venus is in 7th house and moon is in the 10th house. Rahu is in 11th house and keto in 5th house. Moon is Swati nakshatra. Right now I am going thru Saturn Mahadasha since 2004 which overall has been good. Of late I see lots of hurdles. I have Raju Bhukti going on in the Saturn Mahadasha. What yoga’s I have? How are my next 6 months?

    1. Hi,

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  4. I am gemini ascendant and my mercury in virgo, Saturn retrograde in 8th House of capricon in Uttarakhand asadha natchathira which is ruled by sun. My sun with mercury
    in 4th in hasta natchathira which is ruled by moon. My moon in taurus.. moola trikon sign. Is this vipareetha raja yoga… Playback someone reply..

  5. Since you have Sun (8th Lord) in 8th house, and 6th house lord Mercury in 8th too, you have two Vipreet Raj Yogas (Harsha and Sarla). However, Mercury is your 9th house (house of fortune) lord as well and his posittion is very weak, since sun and mars both are malefic and enemies of Mercury, they make mercury very weak in 8th house. Moreover, Leo is an enemy sign for Mercury and 8th house is also malefic. You should definitely weak emerald to strengthen your mercury. Since, you have 4 planets in 6th and 8th house, they will bring lot of hurdles, however due to presence of these Vipreet Raj Yogas you will be able to come out strongly from them.

    Also, you can also wear Blue Saphire (Gem Stone of Saturn) to improve your health and overall well being. Now, Since, you have Saturn’s Mahadasha since 2004, almost 15 years now you must be going through Antardasha or Rahu which would have caused lot of hurdles. After Rahu’s antardasha you Jupiter’s anatardasha will start with should bring some improvement in your life. During Jupiter’s antardasha you are likely to get support from relatives and family and also you will be more courageous and positive to tackle these hurdles. Exact timing I can tell only after going through the birth chart and exact timing of these antardashas.

  6. Hi sir by reading this vlog its is known that you are amazing and having great knowledge regarding astrology .sir i hope you please clarify my question .what are the effects jupiter(not combust) and sun conjunction in 6th house for cancer ascendent regarding money ,profession and career?

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