Benefic & Malefic Planets, Paksha Bala

Benefic Planets 

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics. But the waning moon in Krishna Paksha cannot be considered beneficial. However, if there is the Yoga (association) or Drishti (aspect) on the Moon it will become a benefic. Mercury turns benefic or malefic depending on its association with other planets.

Malefic Planets
Waning moon, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Gulikan and afflicted Mercury are all malefics. 

Benefic & Malefic Planets, Paksha Bala

What is Paksha Bala?

This is determined by looking at the moon. Since Moon is located closest to the earth, between Sun and Earth, it is as important as the ascendant in predictive astrology. From Pradhama of Shukla Paksha, i.e. the first day after Amavasya, the Moon has Madhyama Bala till Dashami, the tenth day. After that the Moon keeps on gaining strength. This means from Ekadashi to the Panchami of Krishna Paksha the Moon’s strength is greater. From Shashti of the Krishnapaksha to the Amavasya, Moon has no Paksha Bala.
The parts of Kalapurusha’s body represent the 360 degree belt of the heavens, the zodiac.


Part of Kalapurusha’s body
First house or Aries
Kalapurusha’s head
Second house or Taurus
Kalapurusha’s face
Third house or Gemini
Kalapurusha’s shoulders
Fourth house or Cancer
Kalapurusha’s heart
Fifth house or Leo
Kalapurusha’s stomach
Sixth house or Virgo
Kalapurusha’s midriff
Seventh house or Libra
Kalapurusha’s lower abdomen and groin
Eighth house or Scorpio
Kalapurusha’s external genitalia
Ninth house or Sagittarius
Kalapurusha’s thighs
Tenth house or Capricorn
Kalapurusha’s knees
Eleventh house or Aquarius
Kalapurusha’s ankles
Twelfth house or Pisces
Kalapurusha’s feet
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