Rasi Gandantham and Njattuvela

Rasi Gandantham
A person who is born during the period of Rasi Gandantham shows a malefic effect on his/her family members. The half Ghati at the end of Karkata sign, the first half Ghati of Simha, the last half Ghati of Vrischika, the first half Ghati of Dhanu, the last half Ghati of Meena, the first half Ghati of Mesha are periods with Gandantha Dosham. The Gandantha dosham is applicable for these periods only.

Njattuvela (position of the Sun)
All-stars traverse through their circular paths daily. Planets also travel through the stars. This distant phenomenon cannot be witnessed with naked eyes. The transit of the Sun through the stars is called Njattuvela. Sun passes through 27 stars in 12 months. Therefore, a Njattuvela takes around 14 days. Similarly, the Moon’s presence in a star is called Naal. A sign contains 2¼ stars. When Sun transits through a star, it is called that star’s Njattuvela. There are 2 Njattuvelas in one month. The Njattuvelas are taken for the stars, which are included in the sign with the name of the current month.

Eg: We usually refer to Thiruvathira (Ardra) Njattuvela for monsoon. Thiruvathira is included in Mithuna sign. Therefore, Thiruvathira (Ardra) njattuvela comes in the month of Mithuna. The Panchangas list clearly the beginning and the end of Njattuvelas of every month. Like Sun and Moon, other planets to transit through stars. These are given as Grahapakarchas in the Panchanga.

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