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In Vedic astrology, gemstones are an integral part since ancient times. Astrologers prescribed gemstones as a remedial measure to minimize ill effects of a malefic planet, or improve the beneficial impact of benefic planets.Astrologically, each planet is considered as responding to a particular gemstone. It is because the planets have specific colors, and the corresponding gemstones gives good results.

1. Ruby, is red in color and is ruled by the Sun, so Ruby gives benefic results when used in a ring or pendent.
2. Pearl or Moonstone is white in color and ruled by the the Moon, so when benefic wear this in a ring or pendent it gives positive results
3.Red Coral is red in color and governed by Mars. It filters off the malefic ray of Mars and permits only benefic rays to influence in the horoscope.
4. Emerald is a precious stone, ruled by Mercury. To get benefic results of Mercury in the horoscope and reduce the malefic influences the use of Emerald is recommended.
5. Yellow Sapphire or Pushyarag is a precious stone, which enhances the benefic influences of Jupiter and reduces the malefic results in the horoscope.
6. Diamond is ruled by Venus, the use of diamond will make Venus highly benefic in the horoscope.
7. Blue Sapphire or Neelam, ruled by Saturn, is a precious stone and using this stone will help reduce the malefic influences of Saturn and attract benefic results.
8. Gomed, Gomedh or Hessonite is ruled by Rahu. Gomedh is used to enhance the benefic influences and reduce malefic influences of Rahu in the horoscope.
9. Cat’s eye is governed by Ketu. It is a precious stone, and wearing the same as ring or pendant will reduce the malefic results of ketu in the horoscope.

What is your birthstone?
Birthstone is associated with the birth month of a person. A birthstone is believed to bring fortune, health, and good luck to the person. Each month has different birthstones associated to it; that includes traditional birthstone, the modern birthstone, mystical birthstone, zodiac birthstone and more. In India, it is a common practice to wear birthstone in the form of jewellery, as it brings good luck to people.

Birth star and other parameters relating to a person are determined by processing the horoscope using a system called Nirayana (the Hindu system of Astrology).  It is very important to determine the birth star because the birth stars or constellations are each ruled by their respective planets. As such the gemstone recommended for each planet becomes the birthstone for the respective birth star.

Birth Stars Suitable Gemstone
Aswini Makha Mula Cat’s eye
Bharani Purva phalguni Purva ashada Diamond
Krittika Uttara phalguni Uttara ashada Ruby
Rohini Hasta Shravana Pearl
Mrigasira Chitra Dhanista Coral
Ardra Swati Sathabhisha Gomedh
Punarvasu Vishakha Purva bhadrapada Yellow Sapphire
Pushyami Anuradha Uttara bhadrapada Blue Sapphire
Ashlesha Jyeshta Revati Emerald

It is always advisable to use gemstone after thorough analysis of your Vedic horoscope from an astrologer who knows Gemology. He will prescribe the appropriate gemstone and other important factors related to a gemstone.

To know more visit for a comprehensive analysis of your horoscope and know the most suitable birthstone that is favourable for you.

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