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Drekkana – D3

One-third of the Rasi or Sign is called Drekkana ( Decanate ) These are 36. The signs Aries etc. are counted thrice in these Drekkana. The first Drekkana is owned by the sign itself, the second one by the 5th sign from it, and the third one by the 9th sign from it. The Lords of the Movable, Fixed and Dual signs respectively are Narada, Augustine, and Durwasha.


In a Drekkana chart, the predominant relationship of male planets with planets becoming significators for the third house gives birth to a younger brother(s). While the predominant relationship of female planets with planets becoming significators for the third house gives birth to younger sister(s).

According to Mr. G K Goel in the book VARGA CHAKRA of Sri Jagannath Centre, Kalapursha represented by signs, bhava and nakshatra represent specific body parts. The Drekkanas make the division even finer. The sign indicates twelve body parts in the Human body. 36 Drekkanas of Kalapurushas represents 36 body parts.

The first Drekkana is raised in the Ascendant, the twelve Rasi counted from the Ascendant serially signify the twelve parts of the upper portion of the body in a natal chart. Similarly, if the second or third Drekkana is raising twelve parts of the middle of the lower body will be represented in the Rasi chart commencing from Ascendant in serial order.

Planets placed in the same Drekkana ( Movable / fixed / common ) as rising Drekkana afflict the middle portion of the body, and in the third type afflict the lower portion of the body.

The body parts which will be found afflicted after applying both the above rules will have severe affliction, compared to body parts represented by other houses.

2nd house to 6th represents the right side of the body parts, whereas the 12th house to 8th house represents the left side of the body parts.

The following table is a good indicator to find the relative health or the weakness or disease in the various organs of the body.

Rising Drekkana

House of Birth Chart 1st Drekkana 0° to 10° Deg 2nd Drekkana 10° to 20° Deg. 3rd Drekkana 20° to 30° Deg.

  • 1st Head Neck Pelvis
  • 2nd Right eye Right Shoulder Generating Organ
  • 3rd Right ear Right arm Right testicle
  • 4th Right nostril Right side of the body Right thigh
  • 5th Right cheek Right ventricle and auricle of heart Right knee
  • 6th Right Jaw Right Lung and Mumma Right Calf
  • 7th Mouth Naval Legs
  • 8th Left Jaw Left Lung Left calf
  • 9th Left Cheek Left ventricle and auricle of heart Left knee
  • 10th Left nostril Left side of body Left thigh
  • 11th Left ear Left arm Left testicle
  • 12th Left eye Left shoulder Anus

According to Mr. G K Goel, the Lord of the Drekkana occupied by Saturn indicates the cause of death. If Lord happens to be

Sun – Due to fever
Moon – Swelling, Tumour, and dropsy
Mars – Boils, Pox, etc.
Mercury – Disorder in breathing
Jupiter – A disease inside the stomach and intense Pain in the body.
Venus – Swelling
Saturn – Cough trouble and Rheumatism

If the Drekkana Lord is in association with or aspected by Rahu, poison or infection will be the cause of death. Ketu in similar situations gives death on account of undiagnosed disease.

According to Sage Parasara, Rahu, and Ketu aspect 2nd 5th 7th and 9th houses counted in reverse order from the houses of their placement.

If the Lord of rising Drekkana is placed in the sign of debilitation or enemy house, or in 6th 8th or 12th houses in Rasi or Drekkana charts, the native dies due to serious accident or disease. Benefic influence reduces the danger to some extent.

If Lord of rising Drekkana is placed in 6th or 8th houses, devoid of benefic influence, the native has a tendency to commit suicide. Such natives also suffer from depression.

According to Sage Parasara, the planets in first Drekkana gives the result at the beginning of the Dasa, in the 2nd Drekkana in the middle of the Dasa and 3rd Drekkana at the end of the Dasa.

According to Jataka Parijata, there will be an Ulcer or wound in the body parts which is occupied by a malefic planet.

In case, the malefic planet is in his own Rasi, Navamsa, or in fixed Rasi and Navamsa the mark or wound in the afflicted part of the body will be since birth. This also means that the organ will be weak or diseased since birth.

Jathaka Parijatha has also given an idea of the cause of the problem as under:

  • Saturn causes hurt on account of stone or wind disease (Rahu will act like Saturn)
  • Mars causes hurt on account of fire, a missile, poison or serpent bites ( Ketu will act like Mars)
  • Mercury, if it becomes a malefic planet, is hurt on account of fall from the height or by a blow received from a cloud of some earthy substance.
  • Sun, if becomes malefic causes hurt from the substance or from a quadruped. Malefic Moon will cause harm from a horned creature or by liquids like acids etc.
  • Placement weak and afflicted planets cause ulcers and make the afflicted body part diseased or weak and become prone to diseases.

Author: Bharati R Ram

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