Guru Chandal Yoga And Its Effects

Guru Chandal yoga or dosha is another popular dosha seen in the billions of charts. It is a very simple dosha to understand.
Guru means Jupiter and Chandal means an outcast person, who is seen mainly in the graveyards. In astrology, the chandal status is given to Rahu, the demon of the zodiac. So when Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu, then Guru Chandal dosha is formed.
Let’s study what this dosha actually means. Jupiter is the teacher of the Devas. He is Guru Brihaspathi. Jupiter, which is considered as the most beneficial planet among the 9 planets and is known as the ultimate form of spirituality and Godliness. Since it means purity, it doesn’t like to get associated with Rahu, who is a demon. Rahu is called as a Chandal here, chandal resides among corpses. So these are two opposite forces. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces and Sagittarius. In the natural zodiac wheel, it owns the 9th house and the 12th house. Now, let’s look at these houses. Both the houses are dealing with spirituality, moksha, and relationship with God.
When Jupiter and Rahu are together, then the person may find it difficult to abide by the divine laws of obedience, reverence, and submission. He will naturally be a rebel and his rebellious nature will make him get setbacks. His rebellious nature will be his identity wherever he goes. He may like to question others, and it will be difficult for him to mingle with others easily. He may feel difficulty in respecting others.
Rahu is known as the demon in astrology and it means rebellion and aggression. When you see Jupiter and Rahu together in your chart, then please check the degrees. How close they are? We can assume that, if they are closer, then the rate of rebellion will be more.
Guru Chandal dosha was considered as very inauspicious in the earlier days, but we should count all doshas in the present day context. This is the time for the rebels. When we look at the world, in general, we can see traditionalists are lagging behind and the world truly belongs to the rebels. Rebels are getting acknowledged. Rebels are noticed for their ideas and findings. The world is asking for change.
This dosha will have a different impact, according to the house which it occurs. You have to check in which house your Guru Chandal Yoga exists. Then you see whether you are challenging the traditional practices regarding that house? For example, the 7th house is the house of marriage. When Guru Chandal yoga occurs in the 7th house, then the person may like to break the traditional kind of marriage. He may even go for living relationship or marriage against the family traditions. At the same time, the other features of the 7th house like business and professional relationships will not be a heavy task. The 7th house is the house of open enemies, so this person will take a new strange way to conquer his enemies, which will be a heavy blow to them.
So, to conclude Guru Chandal yoga means that you have that natural rebel in you. This rebellious may have the power to cause disruptions in your relationships. Especially with the Guru figures in your life.
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