How Weak Jupiter affects your Life?

Jupiter is known as the teacher of Devas. This planet indicates blessing, expansion, zeal for the divine knowledge, higher studies, and spirituality. Jupiter rules the 9th and 12th houses in natural zodiac wheel. It rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces. Both the signs are representing nothing than spirituality, divine laws, education, foreign relationships, children, gurus and spiritual matters. Jupiter is known as the biggest benefic in astrology.
When a planet is damaged then the characteristics of that planet will have some troubles and the person has to be very organized and disciplined to get satisfaction from these matters. Jupiter has the tendency to bring good results even though it is in a bad mode, but the good results may come late.
Jupiter can be in a complex situation in these conditions.
•    It should be an enemy sign
•    It should be combust
•    It should be in a debilitated mode
•    Retrogression also is considered as not great
•    Conjunct with enemies
Possible outcomes of a weak Jupiter
Jupiter is the karaka for the 2nd house of finances and 5th house of children. A negative Jupiter shows the negative influence on children and finances too.The negative Jupiter will affect ones education or the person will get interested in wrong field. So the person has to keep track on his education. The perfection of the education can come after a lot of effort. The relationship with teachers and fatherly figures can be complex.
When a planet is in weak mode, then you cannot simply wait for the fortune to hit you. You may have to be really very organized. Otherwise, you may face in failures in life. For eg: If a child has a weak Jupiter, then he has to surely take care of his studies and he should be taught the value of money and savings, regardless of which house Jupiter is placed. Relationship with elders, especially male members should be tracked.
If Jupiter is in the 7th house (a house representing spouse, marriage, legal contracts and opponents) the person should be given good basics in respecting the woman. His mother should be very careful in setting up good example for being a woman. She should be an ideal woman and thus create a respect for woman in him. He should be taught to respect the value of his friends and law. Otherwise, he may grow up as a person who is less beneficial for his spouse. He should be trained to have mutual respect.
Since Jupiter is the greatest benefic, if it is negative, then the negativity can be in a long-term mode. It is the planet of expansion and magnification, so you have to be really alert regarding all the attributes of Jupiter.
You must do a detailed study on the attributes of Jupiter to know how this negative Jupiter is going to impact your life. Yes, negatively placed planets indicate hardships, but they are correctable if you are realistic and humble enough to accept your weaknesses.


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