Interpreting Retrograde Swakshetra Planets – Part B

Interpreting Retrograde Swakshetra Planets - Part B

Saturn as the 4th and 5th lord signifying education in retrogression in the 4th in own sign was causing adverse results in the education of the native. The presence of Rahu in the 4th house without any relieving influence from benefics was worsening the situation which resulted in his failing in many subjects in all semesters of the degree course. Neither the Vargabala of the planet nor its attaining Poornachandra Vaiseshikamsa could save the native from suffering in his studies, that too in a technical course, despite Saturn signifying studies in technical field.

Chart 3 Female : Born September 10, 1963 at 1h58m at 13N, 77 E 35chart 3

Three planets are retrograde in own signs in Chart 3. The following key points are to be noted.
• The ascendant is Gemini and its lord Mercury also(4th lord) is retrograde in the 4th house.
• The 7th lord Jupiter (also 10th lord) is retrograde in the 10th house.
• The 8th and 9th lord Saturn is in the 8th house in retrogression.
• The 2nd lord Moon is in the 12th house without any benefic aspects with Badhaka Jupiter aspecting the 2nd.
• There is a mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn. Saturn in turn is aspecting Jupiter. There is a mutual aspect between Mercury (lord of Ascendant) and Jupiter (7th lord), also with Rahu and Ketu afflicting the 1-7 axis.

A strong adverse inter-connection is established involving 9 houses — the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and the 11th. With affliction to the 2nd house from Jupiter, almost all houses in the chart are come under inauspicious influences. This makes the native basically unhappy about everything in her life. Moreover, the mutual aspect between the retrograde Ascendant and 7th lord with affliction to the 2nd house and 2nd lord indicate that the personal relationship with the spouse was not so intimate and it was only a working relationship for more than 20 years. The native unexpectedly committed suicide choosing to end her unhappy marital life during the end of August 2006 over a small quarrel with her husband. Despite Saturn as 8th lord and Karaka for longevity occupying the 8th house in own sign and Jupiter occupying the highest Kendra (10th) in own sign, longevity was cut short as both of them were retrograde in own signs. This happened in Jupiter Dasa Moon Bhukti V both planets being Marakas. Mercury and Jupiter do not have Vargabala in Shadvargas. But, Saturn has Vargabala getting four benefic Vargas in Rasi, Drekanna, Dwadasamsa and Trimsamsa. Mercury,Jupiter and Saturn have attained the Vaiseshikamsas named as Chandanavana'(8 benefic Vargas), Kanduka (5 benefic Vargas) and Suryakanta (12 benefic Vargas) in Shodasavargas respectively. Perhaps only these benefic influences helped the native in managing her unhappy marital life for more than 20 years!

The following features may be noted in the Chart 4.
Chart 4: Male born July 2, 1961 at 2h 45m at 13N, 77E 35Chart 4

•The 3rd and 6th lord Mercury is in the 3rd house but retrograde. This means that the efforts of the native are not oriented in the right direction so as to achieve the desired objectives in life. The Ascendant and the 8th lord Mars occupying the 5th house (ruling the subconscious mind) and afflicted by Rahu also adds to the problem by prompting the mind to commit mistakes . Ketu in the 11th ensures that the native loses his chances of success.

The 10th house is occupied by two retrograde planets Saturn (10th and 11th lord) and Jupiter (9th and 12th lord). Saturn is in own sign and Jupiter is retrograde in its sign of debilitation. Saturn being Badhaka for Aries Ascendant and Jupiter as 12th lord also and both” being retrograde, this combination in the 10th house does not cause any Raja Yoga. Instead, both planets afflict the 10th house very badly and deprive the native of any stable profession in life.

•The simultaneous adverse aspects of Saturn and Mars on the Moon in the 12th house make the native fastidious and as a consequence, he fails to understand the reality. This results in more mental woes and makes him irritable easily which makes him lose even the small opportunities that come his way.

•The affliction to the 11th house from Ketu and the aspect of Mars on it not only deprive fulfillment in life to the native but also make him keep longing for regular income throughout his life.

• Despite possessing Vargabala in Shadvargas and attaining different Vaiseshikamsas in Shodasavargas, all the three planets — Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn — are not in a position to provide any significant relief to the native either in profession or in getting a stable income from some quarter.
In conclusion, it may be said that retrogression of planets in the signs owned by them does not augur well for the native.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr Revathi Vee Kumar)
Continued from:  Interpreting Retrograde Swakshetra Planets- Part A

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  1. I would like to know the marriage prospects of the native where
    Pisces Asc. Mars Retrograde in Asc. Jupiter Retrograde in 3rd house in Vrishabha. 7th house virgo, virgo lord Budha in 7th and retrograde. Mars (R) and Jupiter (R) are aspecting the 7th house and also Budha (R).

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