Is a Fifth House Mars Always Baneful ?( Part2)

Mars in Own Trimsamsa
Chart 1: Male: Born May 31, 1946 at 2.05 at 12 N 50, 79 E 42 with a 5 years 7 months 19 days of Moon Dasa at birth.
Mars is in the 5th house Chart 1. According to the Sloka cited above, he gets children only through the second wife. According to the rule, it also causes the death of the wife or children. But Mars gets his own Trimsamsa.

As per the Sloka,

   जायन्वितो बलवी भूषणसत्त्वयुक्त
स्तेजोग्यति साह्सायुतक्ष्च कुजे स्वभागे

Mars if in own Trimsamsa gives the native wife, strength, dynamism, personality and adventurous spirit.
Thus the death of wife is not hinted at. The first son died soon after birth but there were other children born later.
Chart 2: Male: Born July 11, 1939 at 21h.01m. at 8 N 44, 77 E 41 with a balance of 10 years of Jupiter Dasa at birth.
Chart 2
Mars is in his own Trinsamsa in Chart 2. Mars occupies the 5th. The lord of the house, though in his own house is combust. The crowding of planets in the 5th is not good. Mars in own Trimsamsa gives protection to wife. Powerful Ascendant lord in the 1st and a well fortified 4th house with Venus who owns the 5th from the Moon is powerful. Mars in the 5th has to be given his due. There was one abortion. Though the children were alive the native had to undergo agony in the case of one of the daughters.
Chart 3: Male: Born March 26, 1929 at 4h. 15m. at 8 N 31, 77 E 00 with a balance of 2 years 10 months 17 days of Moon Dasa at birth.
Chart 3
Mars is in the 5th in Chart 3. He gets the Trimsamsa of Jupiter and is exalted in Navamsa. The Karaka for children, Jupiter in Aries promotes childbirth. Mars is aspected by Saturn. The lord of the 5th is in the Ascendant. Saturn in Sagittarius helps the birth of good dnkken iBJ 16-25). After middle age, the son went astray and resorted to unlawful methods of business landing in trouble and practically absconded. The native used to consult me about the son’s position. I used to console him saying that he was alive because he was away. The native spent the last days in mental agony caused by the son’s erratic behaviour. When the native died, the son suddenly appeared, performed the last rites and left. The daughters looked after the native until his death.
Chart 4:Male: Born October 20,1939 at 5h.05m with a balance of 4 years 1month 2 days of Sun Dasa at birth
Chart 4
Mars is exalted in the 5th in Chart 4. The 5th is aspected Saturn, its Jprd. The 5th house is occupied by a waxing Moon who is a benefic. Mars is in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter. The lord of the 5th from the Moon is powerful. Jupiter, the Karaka for children, is strong.
All these factors are good. All his children are alive and happy. Not even a modicum of Martian fury has touched him. Such instances are rare.
Chart 5:Male:Born July 26, 1919 at 10h.15m. with a balance of 5 years 11months 21 days of Jupiter Dasa at birth.
Chart 5

बहुप्रजं बन्धुहितं सदैव։ |
त्रिशल्लवे सोमसूतस्य  तिष्ट्न
कुजो विधत्ते  सुविदं प्रसूतौ ||

The 5th is aspected by the lord of the Ascendant.
Despite the several unfavourable combinations this may have helped him. The first baby was in the ‘hit list’ of Mars. Later on, long-lived children were born.
Chart 6: Male Born:June 20, 1931 at 5h. 10 8 N 31, 77 E 00 with a balance of 6 years 7 days of Ketu Dasa at birth.
Chart 6
The 5th is aspected Jupiter who is exalted in Chart 6. He has just entered the sign and perhaps not strong enough to exercise his grace completely. Mercury in the 7th for Scorpio Ascendant affects the wife vide कामे बृषस्थे बुधे vide Phaladeepika(10-3).
Venus in the 7th protects wife. The 5th from the Moon is also afflicted. the first son passed away. but Mars is in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter. Perhaps this sould save the other children
Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr.S.Madhavan)

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