Mars And Earth Science Professions

MARS is known as Kshitija, meaning, son of the earth. People involved in professions that have anything to do with earth have a prominent influence of Mars in their horoscopes. This article intends to discuss the importance of Mars in professions related to earth science.

According to Wikipedia “Earth science or Geoscience” is an all-embracing term referring to the fields of science dealing with planet Earth. The formal discipline of Earth sciences may include the study of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Though oceanography, atmospheric sciences and planetary geology also come under the purview of earth science I would like to restrict the present discussion to professions directly related to earth or geology.

Geology itself is a vast science including many branches in its fold. The branch which studies the physical properties of the earth including deep core, mantle and upper crust is called geophysics. Geophysics is commonly used to supplement the work of geologists in developing a comprehensive understanding of crustal geology, particularly in mineral and petroleum exploration. Geophysics includes seismology, the study of seismic waves of earth and exploration. Geophysics which employs various methods to study the physical properties of the earth such as gravity, magnetism, electrical properties and so on. The applied aspects of geology include engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, mineral exploration, mining and ore geology, petroleum geology and so on.

The profession has to be predicted by studying the 2nd and 10th houses, both from Ascendant and from the Moon-sign. Besides these, the Ascendant and the Moon-sign represent the native and also have a major influence on the profession. These houses their lords and their dispositors when connected to Mars by the way of occupation, conjunction, aspect or sign exchange may indicate a profession in earth sciences. Similarly, the influence of Mars on the Ascendant, 10th and 2nd houses in the Dasamsa may also suggest a career related to earth sciences. Further, Mars becoming the strongest planet in Shadbalas is also a factor to consider. It is better to use a tabular form to quantitatively measure the planetary influence on the above factors (See the table for chart 4). The majority of the factors leaning towards Martian influence can indicate a profession related to earth and earth science.

The influence of other planets besides Mars also needs to be considered in identifying the various branches of professions in earth sciences. The involvement of Mercury may indicate research while Jupiterian influence may point to a teaching career. The Sun’s influence may indicate professions related to governmental organizations. The influence of Saturn may indicate professions where geology is applied in coal and mineral exploration, engineering projects and petroleum exploration and also professions where a lot of physical hardship has to be faced because of occupational conditions. The influence of the Moon may indicate connections with groundwater exploration and hydrogeology. Likewise, that of Venus may indicate exploration of valuable minerals like gemstones and diamonds. The connection of the Sun may indicate the study of cosmology and planetary geology. Mercury and Ketu exerting their influence may point to professions involving usage of drawings, modelling and mathematics. Saturn and Rahu indicate the study of extinct fossils, fossil fuels and geochronology. The nature of signs involved has also to be studied minutely to derive any supportive information. The following cases are of earth science related professions.

Chart 1: Male :Born 28 Feb, 1928 at 08hr.00min at Nogales AZ, USA, (31 N 20, 110 W 56, zone:7h.W)
Chart 1
The 2nd house is Aries, a Martian sign aspected by Mars who is involves in sign exchange with Saturn, the 10th lord from the Moon-sign, in chart 1. It is to be noted that exchange between Mars and Saturn involves the signs Scorpio and Capricorn. The 10th lord from the Ascendant is Jupiter who occupies his own sign in the Ascendant. No other planetary influence can be found on the 10th house from the Ascendant. In the Dasamsa, Mars is the 10th lord from the Ascendant and occupies the 10th house in Scorpio aspecting the Ascendant.

The native is a miner and geologist. Inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame he was also a recipient of many honorary degrees and awards. He began his career as a mining engineer and later took up uranium exploration and search for porphyry copper, finally becoming an independent consultant. He also authored numerous articles and industry-specific works. Note the strong influence of Scorpio both in the Rasi and Dasamsa which explains his profession related to mining and exploration.

Chart 2: Male: Born Sept 25, 1839 at 8h.00m. LMT at Baden, Germany(53 N 00, 9 E 04)

Chart 2

Saturn and Mars occupy the 2nd from Ascendant and aspect 2nd from the Moon in chart 2 . Mars is the 2nd lord from the Ascendant while Saturn happens to be the 10th lord from the Moon. The Ascendant is occupied by Jupiter who is in mutual aspect with the moon. In the Dasamsa, Jupiter and Rahu occupied by the Ascendant aspected by Mercury and Ketu. Saturn is in the 2nd in a Martian sign Scorpio aspected by Mars.

The native was a Palaeontologist and geologist who worked in the geological survey at Vienna and later, became professor of Mineralogy. Subsequently , he was made professor of Palaeontology and geology. He authored Handbook of Palaeontology which is considered the most comprehensive and authoritative work in the field. The dominant influence of Mars explains his profession related to the earth sciences. The sign Scorpio, and Saturn and Rahu connected his work with mineralogy and palaeontology while Jupiter and Mercury made him an author, professor and academician.

Chart 3: Male: Born March 22, 1785 at 2h. 00m. LMT at Dent, England (54 N 1634, 2 W 2707).

Chart 3
The 2nd house from the Ascendant in Chart 3 is occupied by 2nd lord Saturn, and Mars and Rahu. Mars aspects the 2nd and 10th houses from the Moon. Jupiter and the Sun aspect the 10th from the Ascendant while Mercury aspects the 2nd from the Moon. In the Dasamsa, Mars aspects the 10th while the Ascendant and 10th lords Jupiter and Mercury occupy a Martian sign Scorpio.
The native was a British geologist who was considered as one of the founders of moderneology. He proposed the Devonian and Cambrian periods of the geological timescale. Dominant martian influences coupled with the association of Saturn and Rahu with Mars explain the native’s work in palaeontology on which basis he proposed the past geological periods. Note the influence of Jupiter and Sun on the 10th house.
Chart 4: Male: Born May 9, 1979 at 21h.27m. IST at Guntur,(80 E 27, 16 N 18. Time Zone 5h.30m.E)
Chart 4

The 10th lord Mercury in chart 4 joins Mars in a martian sign while the 2nd lord Saturn joins Rahu in Leo. from the Moon-sign, Mercury is the Ascendant and 10th lord joining Mars in Aries while the 2nd house is aspected by Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn. In Dasamsa, Mars and 10th lord while the 2nd house is aspected by Saturn.

The native holds a doctorate in geology in the field of structural geology and tectonics and is currently working as an executive in a hydrocarbon exploration and production company.

Planetary influences on profession
Planetary influences on profession2

Chart 5: Male: Born  December 31, 1992 at 7h.45m PST at Alameda CA, USA(37 N 45, 122 W 14 Time Zone at 8h. W).

Chart 5

Saturn and Rahu occupy the 10th from the Ascendant aspected by Mars who also aspects the Moon and occupies the 10th  from the Moon in chart 5. The Sun occupies the Ascendant in the Jupitarian sign while Jupiter aspects the 2nd and 10th from the Moon. the 10th lord  from the Ascendant, Mercury, occupies the 2nd from the Ascendant.In the Dasamsa, the 10th house, a Jupitarian sign, is aspected by Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn while the 10th lord Jupiter is in a Martian sign.

The native is a scientist, geologist, geophysicist and government consultant. After obtaining his Ph. D. he was on the faculty of the University of Nevada. He authored the book Faults and Earthquake Magnitude and also worked as a geology consultant for the U.S. government. Mars exerting predominant influence gave the native a profession connected with earth sciences while the influence of Jupiter and Mercury made him a teacher and author. The influence of the Sun on the Ascendant and the 2nd from the Moon-sign in Rasi made him a consultant to the government.

Chart 6: Male: Born Aug 24, 1916 at 9h.15m. EST at Detroit, Michigan (42 N 20, 83 W 03(Time Zone 5h.W)).

Chart 6

The Ascendant falls in a sign of Mercury occupied by Mars and Mercury and aspected by Saturn in Chart 6. The 10th from the Ascendant is occupied by Venus and the Moon while the 2nd is aspected by Jupiter. From the Moon-sign, the 10th lord Jupiter occupies a Martian sign aspected by Mars and Saturn while the 10th house itself receives the aspect of Mars and Mercury. The 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by Saturn and Ketu in watery Cancer. In the Dasamsa, the Ascendant lord Venus joins Mars while the 2nd house falls in a Martian sign occupied by Rahu.

The native is a geochemist and professor of geology. He applied experimental physical chemistry data and techniques to geology and geochemistry problems and co-authored book the Solutions, Minerals, and Equilibria that revolutionized aqueous geochemistry. Predominant Martian influences have given the native a career connected with earth sciences while the influence of watery signs and planets gave specialization in aqueous geochemistry. Mercury and Jupiter exerting their influence made the native an author and teacher.

Chart 7: Male: Born March 7, 1899 at 8h.30m.HET at Munchen, Germany (48 N 08, 11 E 34 (Time Zone 1h.E))

Chart 7

The Ascendant in Chart 7 falls in a Martian sign aspected by Jupiter while the Ascendant lord Mars joins Ketu in a Mercury-ruled sign aspected by Sarum. Rahu and the Moon. The 2nd lord Venus occupies the 10th aspected by Mars while the 10th lord Saturn is in a sign of Jupiter aspected by Mars. From the Moon-sign, Mars exerts his influence on the 10th, 1st and 2nd houses and also on the 2nd lord Saturn. In the Dasamsa. Mars joins Jupiter and aspects the Ascendant lord Sun and the 2nd from the Ascendant The 10th lord Venus and 2nd lord Mercury occupy a Martian sign Scorpio.
The native was a surveyor and cartographer. He worked as a high school teacher and also edited a number of mountain maps

Courtesy :  Modern Astrology (Dr. K. Guru Rajesh)


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