Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga

Sanyasa Yoga  is also known as Pravrajya Yoga, which is very much feared by people. 

What is Sanyasi yoga? Does this yoga really makes you a Sanyasi? Let’s think about the possibilities in being a Sanyasi and wandering throughout your life.

First and foremost condition
You should have four or more planets in one rashi and house to constitute a Sanyasa yoga. This planetary placement should be there in navamsa chart and Narayani BhavaChalit as well.  These three rules should be strictly noticed when you fear about Sanyasa Yoga. There are so many other conditions you can see in many articles, but the true essence of  Sanyasa yoga is the combination above mentioned.
Why this combination is said to have the strength to make anyone a Sanyasi?
Each house in an astrological chart represents some matters. Likewise, each planet is indicating something as well. So when multiple planets come in a particular house, these planets will try to exert more force on the matters in that house. The planet with a maximum degree will show you on what feature you are obsessed about. Suppose, you have Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Moon in 11th house, identify which planet has the maximum degree and what does it indicates. Your life will go according to the indicators of that planet. The other planets will be on the race to show their significance, which can contradict the interest of the planet with maximum degrees.
Each planet is showing, different energies, on various levels and you are confused on what to receive or reject.  Pravrajya yoga actually, means the inner turmoil, for getting what you want. You are confused or you are not sure about  what you want. Too many planets indicate too many conflicts within. Each planet is trying to conquer your attention and you are standing in the middle of conflict. Finally, you take a decision to leave the thing which lead you to an inner turmoil and submit everything in the hands of God.
These inner conflicts will impact all the relationship of which you are the main part. Others may see you as a complicated person of course. Things may get more complicated when things take a different stride which you were never expected. You at one side and the entire world at the other side. You want to join them, but the universe is guiding you towards spirituality.
For a person who born with Pravrajya yoga or Sanyasa yoga, spirituality becomes an integral part of his life. It has to be there in his life in some or other format. When your mind is distracted you can only fix it on the grace of God. You can try all the remedies offered but, the truth is that your base of life is weak and you need to fix it back on the creator.  There is no other remedy than self-realization and Pravrajya yoga in your chart shows the best option to have a career or interest in the spiritual domain. 
Spirituality is a big business these days. All you need to do is to understand how the universe has programmed you and admitting it. Then accept whatever the world has given you. There is no other effective remedy than finding yourself through the guidelines of godliness. You may get a tendency to setback very often, but such situation will come to you again and again and you need to have the power to overcome it. The true power of resistance comes from God only. You may have to subside your ego and choose God above all. You may lack some patience and this can lead you to dejection.
Others also will get dejection, but they will have some support system than those with Pravrajya yoga. So, when you see four or more planets, don’t get worried. Check your lagna chart, navamsa chart and Narayani Bhava Chalit chart. If you see again these four planets together, then kindly do some slow down in your life? Think who you are and  why you are created. If you see this planetary combination in any one of this chart, then also do some self-realization studies. Pravrajya yoga doesn’t make sure that you will leave everything and become a Sanyasi, yes, there are so many Sanyasis without this yoga as well.

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