More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V B

More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V b


In another text, the second 1ine of another Sloka runs thus: Patiputra sukhe naree modate natra samshayah meaning, that she is happy with her husband, son, comforts and there is no doubt about this.Another point of significant importance is that the lord of the 7th should not be in the 6th or the 8th or the 12th from the Ascendant, or the Moon or from the Ascendant lord or from the 7th house, for full conjugal felicity and happiness.

But I must repeat that if for instance, Mars lord of the 7th is in Jupiter’sign Sagittarius, aspected by Jupiter, say from the 4th in Leo, the native will have a good wife, even though the lord of the 7th is in the 8th and may mean her being less long-lived than her husband, if Venus lord of Ascendant is better placed and stronger.

There is a clear distinction between Apavada Yogas and Anubhava Yogas. The latter are good or bad Yogas that must be experienced, while the former are good or bad yogas that are there, in name but not experienced, as the concerned Dasa does not run or transpire in the life of the native.

A sloka says about Adhi yoga, thus: Yasya yogasyayah kantae balavan Jitadrimyatah Adhiyogediyogesha das aaynm phalapradah meaning, that the results of yogas, like Adhi Yoga, are felt and enjoyed only in the Dasas of the planets involved in the yoga.

Readers may remember that all the three benefics Mercury, Venus and Jupiter must be in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th from the Moon or the Ascendant, Jupiter being preferably in the 7th from the Moon or Ascendant, and Mercury being better in the 6th from the Moon. Jataka Chandrika says that yogas are no good, if the concerned Dasas of Yoga-giving planets do not transpire.

Yogeshu kachit jnayante moodhah

Kashmira gardabhah

Yogaste kim karishyanti


I have seen Virgo Ascendant natives with Mercury in the 1st in Virgo and Venus in the 2nd in Libra leading ordinary lives, when for instance, they are born in Uttarashada Nakshatra causing the Sun Dasa to start in life or in Sravana causing the Moon Dasa as the first, with the brilliant Dasas of Mercury and Venus being out of reach even for Deerghayus.

Similarly, I have seen natives with Dharmakarmadhipati yoga, unspoiled by the lords of the 6th or the 8th or the 12th or of Badhakastana (the llth for a Chara Ascendant or cardinal sign and the 7th for an Ubhaya Rasi or a dual sign), trudging ordinarily through life, due to the non-advent of the Yogadasas in their lives.

These are instances of Apavada Yoga when people will say..X is an able and deserving scholar of integrity; but, he is not lucky. Fortunate natives have the opposite kind of Apavada Yoga. In one of the earlier parts I had cited the Libra Ascendant horoscope of a native who rose from a munsiff s place to the Bench of the Madras High Court.

He was born in Libra Ascendant with the Moon and Mars in the l2th in Virgo but Mercury, Venus and Saturn (not combust) with the Sun in the 4th in Capricorn and Jupiter in the 5th in Aquarius. He became Munsiff in Jupiter Dasa and rose to be not only District and Sessions Judge but even High Court Judge in Saturn Dasa. His Saturn, as the lord of the 4th and the 5th in the 4th, was a Raja Yogakaraka.