More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V A

More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part V A

Very often, readers raise the query about the marriage of a young woman aged over 30 years and sometimes, of a young man aged over 34 or 35 years. In all such cases, usually a malefic in the 7th, Saturn or Mars, even in own house delays marriage Rahu in the 7th also delays marriage. Of course,  Saturn and Rahu in the 7th from Ascendant or from Chandra Lagna is a curse.

A malefic in the 6th (12th from the 7th) or the 8th (2nd from the 7th) is also not good for marriage. And, I know, a male born in Libra
Ascendant, with a malefic in the 7th and, a malefic in the 6th and another in the 8th (on either side of the 7th forming a bad yoga) never got married.

And, lord of the 7th in the 6th (also 12th from the 7th) or the 8th or the 12th (also 6th from the 7th) is not conducive to a decent early marriage, unless of course, a powerful benefics aspect redeems the planet in a Trika or Dustana. A text says (and, that is verified, inexperience)that if the lord of the lth and Venus for a male (or if the lord of the 7th and Jupiter for a female) are both in the 6th, the person is even a shanda or impotent.

In an earlier part of this series, I quoted a Sloka that where a Bhava or house is occupied or aspected by its lord (Swaswami) or by a
the benefic, the Bhava flourishes. Consistent with that rule is the following Sloka from Jvotir Nibandha:

Lagnadwidhrva yadi janmakale

,Shubhagraho va madanadhipo va

Dyumastithe hantyanapathya dosham

Vaidhavyadoshanm cha vishanganakhyam

meaning. that if at one’s birth a benefic or lord of the 7th occupies the 7th house (dyumastana) from Ascendant or from Chandra Lagna, the’ auspicious position destroys any Dosha for no issues ( Aparaja or Vandhya Dosha), and any Dosha for widowhood (Vaidhavya Dosha) and Vishakanya Dosha: a good husband or wife.

And, in female nativities, Jupiter in the 7th from Chandra Lagna or the Moon,s position is an asset and a blessing, more especially for
instance if the Moon is in Virgo and Jupiter is in the 7th from the Moon as lord of the 7th from Chandra Lagna as well.  Suppose, Venus is in the 7th in own house; it is good and not bad, despite Kalatrakaraka Venus being in Kalatrastana, for a male.

Suppose, a benefic is in the 7th and a malefic is in the 8th. Then, we have to see, whether the malefic in the 8th in a female horoscope is with or aspected by a benefic. If not, there may be some conflict between the benefic in the 7th and the malefic in the Sth in a female nativity.

ln such cases. a benefic in the 9th is a sovereign merit, considerably’cancelling the Dosha or evil of a malefic in the 8th. For,

Bhagasthanasthithaih soumyaih
Sapapeste ashtamapi va

Deerghakalm cha jeevati

meaning, that even if the 7th and the 8th are occupied, each by. a malefic but if a benefic is in the 9th house of fortune and Sowbhagya, the ladies enjoy long lease of happy married life with husband, children, comforts and wealth