More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part 2B

more on the evils of dustanas-part2b

If the lord of the 7th is in the 6th or the 8th or the 12th, the native’s marital prospects suffer, even when the native is educated and fairly well employed. For example, I have a horoscope [ Born August 8, 1940 Rasi:- Scorpio – Ascendant; Pisces-Ketu; Aries – Jupiter and Saturn; Gemini-Venus; Cancer-Sun, Mars and Mercury ; and Virgo-Moon and Rahu, Navamsa; Capricorn-Ascendant, Sun, Venus and Rahu; Cancer-Ketu; Leo-Moon and Mercury; and Libra-Jupiter and Saturn.] of a qualified and employed young woman who is unmarried at 32.

The lords of the Ascendant, the 10th and 11th (and the 8th) are together in the 9th and the Moon, lord of the 9th, is in the 11th, though with Rahu who is good in the 11th though he might eclipse the Moon indicating father as he is the 9th lord. So, she is educated and employed. But her earnings were frittered away by her father. Mark Mars, also lord of the 6th in the 9th in debility, without clear Neechabhanga (cancellation of debilitation); and she is unmarried, though about 32 and hence unhappy. Why? See the lord of the 7th in the 8th from the -Ascendant and Jupiter (Bhratrukaraka) in the 6th. Venus is also in the 12th from the Ascendant lord. It is idle to buttress ill-placed Jupiter (lord of the husband for females and lord of the 2nd, family) in the 6th and Venus, lord of the 7th in the 8th, by saying, as some professional astrologers do. that being so in Lagnadhi Yoga, when all the three benefics are not in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th from Ascendant (for, here Mercury is the 9th) and when the lord of the 8th and the 11th may be relegated, say, to the 8th or the 12 but Jupiter, the excellent lord of the 2nd and the 5th, and even Venus, lord of the 7th, though as lord of the 12th he may be in a hidden house.Further, Saturn lord of the 4th (Sukhastana) is Neecha in the 6th, there being no Neechabhanga worth the name. Therefore, the native may chant the following prayer to Sri Ambal(Mother Goddess), before a deepa (lamp) and do namaskaras (prostrations) every Monday, Friday and Saturday.
कात्यायनि महाभोग महयोगिन्यधीश्वरी
पतिं में कुरु क्षररु कल्याणि ||
Then she may be married at the end of Venus Bhukti, though the bridegroom may be below her standards, and through Ketu in the 5th, the 5th and the second lord Jupiter in the 6th, and Mars in the Neecha, with Mercury lord of the 8th and the 11th and the moon lord of the 9th with Rahu (though in the 11th) indicate doubtful prospects of progeny.

Another horoscope is of a good lady born in Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter in the 11th but the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 12th, whose lord Mars is exalted in the 2nd from the Ascendant and the 10th from the Moon in Aries. The lord of the 7th in the 12th (in the 6th from the 7th and the 8th from the Moon) with the lord of the 9th (also lord of the 6th) made her husband lose a railway job and find it difficult to maintain his family and get his daughters married.

The only antidote to a good lord being in the 6th or the 8th or the 12th is a powerful benefic aspect on the ill-placed planet. Even then, the evil of occupation of a Dustana is experienced before the good powerful redeeming aspect operates and improves the Bhava. But, without such a benefic aspect, there is no use of the badly placed planet. For Scorpio Ascendant, however, Venus, lord of the 7th and the 12th, is found to be good in the 5th in Pisces or in the 12th in own house Libra; it is safer and superior to Venus in the 7th as lord of the 7th even. But even Venus with Mercury in Gemini in the 8th is found to delay marriage and cause slight difficulties in marital life, in spite of Mercury with Venus, as a benefic occupying his own house, giving support to the other occupant-guest, his friend Venus. And, Jupiter in the 6th and Mercury and Venus in the 8th may cause feeble Lagnadhi Yoga.

Of course, the evil of the 7th lord’s weakness can be compensated for by a powerful 9th house or 9th lord in a female nativity; for, the 9th is Sowbhagyastana for women, and the expression Sowbhagya means and implies good fortune, generally, with special stress and emphasis on mutual cordiality, devotion and fidelity of the couple. For the Scorpio Ascendant native, I hope against hope that if she recites Sri Katyayani Mantra with devotion, she may get married, without being a spinster throughout only because the lord of the 9th Moon is in the 11th and Venus is in the 10th from the Moon (as the lord of the 2nd and the 9th from the Moon) and there is a good exchange of houses between the Moon and Mercury.

Courtesy: Modern Astrology(R Ramaswamy, M A., B. L)
Continued from : More on the Evil of Dustanas – Part 2A

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