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Mrigasira Nakshatra

Feb 22nd, 2021 – Monday

Today Star:  Mrigasira (Today upto 10:58 am)
Thithi: Dasami (Today upto 05:17 pm)
Karanam: Elephant
NithyaYoga: Preethi

From 23-20 Taurus to 6-40′ Gemini, lies Mrigasira nakshatra which is symbolized by a deer head, ruled by the planet Mars and its deity is Moon. As a deer search for its food in the forest, Mrigasira people always search for the truth and wisdom. But this truth-seeking instinct can easily create a problem with others. These people will like to think about reality and behind the scene incidents, which obviously can irritate others.


Since this nakshatra is in the last padha of Taurus and the first padha of Gemini, these people generally show the tendencies of Venus and Mercury because Venus is the lord of Taurus and Mercury is the lord of Gemini. It is near the Orion constellation consisted of three mild stars. These stars are known in modern astronomy as Pi2-Orionis, Pi3-Orionis, Pi4-Orionis & Gamma-Orionis (Bellatrix).

In all ancient Vedic texts, deers are associated with gentle aspects of nature and often a  part of all romantic stories. In the Vedic epic of Ramayana, it was a magical deer (actually a demon posing as a deer) that astray Sita.

Chapter fifteen of Brihat Samhita says “The following are allotted to the constellation Mrigasira: Fragrant articles, garments, aquatic products, flowers, fruits, gems, forest dwellers, birds, beasts, those who partake of soma juice, musicians, lovers, and carriers of letters.”

Chapter fifty-one says: “One born under the star Mrigasira becomes fickle, clever, timid, eloquent, industrious, wealthy, and endowed with sensual pleasures.”

Like all other nakshatras, this nakshatra also has 4 padhas.

Mrigasira nakshatra padha 1: padha 23° 20′ – 26° 40′is in the Leo Navamsa and ruled by Sun. These people can be very creative and artistic because this star is mostly in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. There will be a good education, there will be interest in creative activities, and special attention to beauty.

Mrigasira nakshatra padha 2: 2nd padha of Mrigasira nakshatra which is  26° 40′ – 30° 00″ Taurus, falls in Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury. They exhibit the quality of mercury. They are very communicative and humorous. Since Moon is in the late degrees of Taurus, these people can be not having good relations with the mother or other ladies in the family.

Mrigasira nakshatra padha 3:  00° 00′ – 3° 20′ Gemini, the third padha of Mrigasira lies in the Libra Navamsa which is governed by Venus. They will be a mix of Venusian and Mercurial energy, but airier. They are interested in material comforts.

Mrigasira nakshatra padha 4: 4th padha lies in  3° 20″ – 6° 40′ Gemini, falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. These people are very much brooding into their personal lives and they can be very argumentative also. Martian and Mercurial energy can make people very agitated.

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Career Areas For Mrigasira People

singers, musicians, linguists, poets, painters; writers, thinkers; romantic novelists; dealers in earth products, gemstone dealers; people in the garment and textile industries; trendsetters, fashion designers; veterinarians; professions dealing with pet animals; gardeners, farmers, landscapers; advertising agencies, salespersons; real estate developers; forestry workers; navigators, map workers; cartographers; explorers; travelers; psychics, astrologers; teachers especially those who deal with beginners; clerks, artisans, and commentators.

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  1. Astrology is ancient science. Stars at the time of birth affect everything for a person. Even only by the date, place, time of birth accurate sketch map may be drawn about the person.

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