Navamsa – D9

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Navamsa – D9

Sage Parasara has given great importance to Navamsa other than the Rasi.  The importance of the Navamsa can be seen from the fact that Parasara has not excluded Navamsa from the different Varga systems used for prediction.  It is the 1/9th division of the sign.  The ninth bhava is the Dharma Bhava or abode of Sri Vishnu.  Navamsa being the 1/9th part of rasi, indicates the Dharma phala as well.

Navamsa being 1/9th of a Rasi, each Rasi is divided into 9 parts.  The word Navamsa is formed by the addition of 2 words – Nav+amsa = Navamsa.  Thus, there are 108 Navamsas (12 rashis x 9 amshas)  Each Rasi comprises 30 degrees.  Which, when divided by 9 yields 3° 20’ per division.  Each Navamsa is thus of 3° 20’ arc.

According to Mr. J Saratchander, Sri Jagannath Centre’s “Varga Chakra”  book explains Navamsa Kendra, Navamsa Trikona. 

Navamsa Kendra:  The four pada makes up the 4 Kendras that indicate the Dharma of the person.

1st pada:  Having been born in the world it is our duty to protect all things created by Sri Vishnu.

2nd pada:  Good deals towards society are the second pada of Darma, and it is the second most important pada.  

3rd pada:  Good deals towards family is the 3rd pada of Darma.  

4th pada:  Good deeds of the self is the 4th pada of Darma.

Following are the Dharma represented by the 4 kendras in order of their importance. 

  1. Navamsa Lagna – Self
  2. 7th Bhava of Navamsa – Spouse, and others in the family.
  3. 4th Bhava  –  Society
  4. 10th Bhava – Universal Dharma

The 4 kendras also indicate the 4 postures in which the idol of the Deity is to be worshipped.  

House & Kendras Postures Illustration of Sri Krishna Remarks
Lagna Standing Sri Jagannath, Puri Uphold of Sathya, perfect intelligence, purity.
4th House Sleeping Dwarakadheesha, For Bhagavan to rest, 


Dwaraka was submerged in the sea.
7th House Sitting Badrinarayana, Badrinath Tapasya, Sadhana, Spiritual practice, and perfection.
10th House Walking or Riding Balagopal, Vrindavan Crawling, Mukthi

Navamsa Trikona: The 1st, 5th, and 9th Bhava’s from the Navamsa Lagna called the Navamsa Trikona.  The trines are reflective of the permanent nature and abilities of the native.  Benefics in trines to Navamsa Lagna indicate the blessings as follows: 

  • Jupiter – Blessings of Shiva 
  • Venus –  Blessings of Mahalakshmi
  • Moon –  Blessings of Gowri / Devi
  • Mercury – Blessings of Vishnu

The Navamsa sign-in which Athmakaraka is placed is called the Karakamsa and is to be treated as the first house for all matters concerning the soul(Athma). 

According to Sri Charat Chander in Jagannath center’s VARGA CHAKRA book, ‘Ista is the guiding Deity of the native.  The form and nature of the Ista in this life is determined from the Navamsa chart of the native. As the 12th house concerned with Moksha/activities related to Moksha, the 12th house from the Karakamsa is to be seen for determination of the Ista’.

Let us take the case of the standard nativity for the determination of the ista.  The Athmakaraka Venus is placed in Taurus.  Thus, Taurus becomes Karakamsa.  The 12th therefrom it Aries.  Mars is the planet indicating the Deity and as it is placed in Taurus, a feminine sign, the Deity indicated is a female Deity.  Besides, Mars being a malefic planet, it indicates ugra rupa.  Thus, the ista for the native is a female deity with ugra rupa, ie. Chamunda Devi.  As this planet is placed in the Lagna in the Rasi chart the form of worship would ideally be a standing form.  

Author: Bharathi R Ram

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