The practice of calculating the six types of varga balas of the planets after taking into account their exact location is called Shadvargas.
Kshetra (Sign) – 30 degree
Hora   – Sign divided into two (15 degrees each)
Drekkana   – Sign divided into three (10 degrees each)
Navamsaka – Sign divided into nine (3 degrees 20 minute each)
Dwadasamsa – Sign divided into 12 (2 degrees 30 minutes)
Thrimsamsa – Sign divided into 30 (1 degree each)
Rashi / Kshetra (Sign) 
In astrology we learnt that the 360º zodiac is divided into 12 equal signs of 30º, and these are called rasi. We learnt that different rasi stand for different things and different definition. A rasi chart is the basic horoscope. The lagna depends upon the sign rising at the horizon at the time of birth. The planets are located in the signs that they occupy in the Zodiac.
Hora, is an important part of Vedic astrology, and it stands for ‘Hour’. When you generate a full horoscope in a PDF format from, or from an astrologer, you will see ‘Hora Chart’. This chart determines which areas of your life is good, and which area you need to work upon for a good result. Here the sign is divided into two parts of 15º each, and that together makes 30º.
a) The first 15º in an odd sign belongs to the sun (or the sign simha) and the second 15º to the moon (or the sign of Karka)
b) The first 15º in an even sign that belongs to the moon (karka) and the second 15º belongs to the Sun (Simha)
People are born either in Hora of the Sun (Simha) or Hora of the Moon (Karka), and Hora chart helps you to determine in which Hora you were born. Hora of the Sun means daytime, and Hora of the moon signifies night time.
Drekkana in vedic astrology is used to determine the characteristics of a person. The sign is divided into three equal parts of 10° each, and such parts are called drekkanas.  0° to 10° in a sign is the first drekkana, 10° to 20° is the second drekkana followed by 20° to 30° as the third drekkana.
As mentioned above, in each sign the first drekkana belongs to the same sign, the second drekkana belongs to the sign of the fifth from it and the third drekkana from the sign ninth from it.
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