Notes on Dustanas

Results of Dustanas
The Dustanas are the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses. They are also known as Trika houses
 Kalidasa in Uttarakalamrita says :-
i) When the lord of house in any of the Dustanas be in his fall or inimical house or be eclipsed, not conjoined or aspected by benefics, be in association with or aspected by his enemies in his inimical or debilitation Navamsa, be vanquished in planetary war with malefics and as a result has lost the brilliance of his rays, such a Bhava should be declared as totally lost or fruitless. This should be examined for all the Bhavas from the Ascendant onwards.
ii) When a Planet occupies the 12th, the 8th or the 6th Bhava, his Rasi becomes inauspicious; Similarly, when the lord of any one of these three Bhavas occupies or aspects a house, its effects are totally lost, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in these three houses bring happiness. Planets in the 6th, 12th and the 8th when in their friend’s house, own or exalted signs, or aspected by auspicious planets prove beneficial. When the planets owning the said houses by inimical, be in their fall, eclipsed or defeated in war, then the planets occupying them will prove beneficial.
iii) The presence of Ketu in the Karaka Bhava leaves a scar on the 6th, 8th and the 12th lords making them cast dark shadows on the life of native also. It also causes early demise of the wife and as a result a very disturbed domestic life.
iv) When Venus and Saturn are in the 12th, 8th and 6th from each other and with lords of these houses, they tend to be auspicious and grant wealth and happiness. Should they both be malefics, they will prove extremely favourable to the native according to Uttarakalamrita(slokas 29 and 30).
v) If Rahu and Ketu be associated with or aspected by the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th, there will not be much gain to the native; besides this Dasa will become instrumental for the demise of the mother of the native or any other near and dear maternal relative.
Dustana significations
The Karakattwas or the natural significations of the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses are as follows:-
i)Sixth house – Disease, obstacles, maternal uncle, insanity, venereal wounds, debts, mental worry, gain, poison, theft and calamity.
ii)Eighth house – Longevity, happiness, defeat, witchcraft, urinary disease, wife’s sickness, misery, loss of limb, misfortune, battle and punishment from a ruler.
iii)Twelfth house – Mental agony, imprisonment, horses, elephants, entry into heaven, left eye, loss through marriage, wretchedness, anger, death,and loss of wife.
Yogas involving Dustanas
Here are some Parasari Yogas described in Uttarakalamirta and Bhavarta Ratnakara.
i) DarunKarma yoga – Any relationship between the 6th and 5th lord.
ii) Bhagyavyaya yoga – Any relationship between the 8th and 9th lords
iii) Runavyaya Yoga – Any relationship between 11th and 12th lords
iv) Vittahani yoga – Connection between the 12th and Ascendant lords
v) The 12th house is the worst Dustana and hence the 12th lord causes maximum evil. But it indicates discharge of debts also.
vi) The 5th lord in the 6th may cause childlessness.
vii) The 7th lord in the 6th makes one sick, angry, lovelorn and spend money on courtesans.
viii) The 9th lord in the 8th shows an unlucky life.
ix) The 11th lord in the 12th brings out a man passionate in the extreme for the company of young foreign girls.
x) The Ascendant lord in the 12th indicates a gambler and thief.
xi) The 7th lord in the 6th, the native will have more then one wife
Planets in Dustanas
 According to Phaladeepika, 
i) Sun in the 6th : The native born will become a famous King, be of good qualities, wealthy and victorious.
Sun in the 8th: Will suffer loss of wealth, friends and be short-lived. His eye sight will be defective or be lost.
Sun in the 12th : Will cause discord between the native and father, defective vision and without wealth or children.
ii) Moon in the 6th: Cuts short life, makes one ignorant and suffer from stomach ailments and face humiliation.
Moon in the 8th: One suffers from disease and is short-lived .
Moon in the 12th: One is miserable, gets humiliated and is most indolent.
iii) Mars in the 6th: Exceedingly smitten with love, wealthy and famous, becomes a king and victorious over enemies.
Mars in the 8th: Brings physical deformities, suffers on account of poverty, is short-lived and condemned by people.
Mars in the 12th: Suffers from defect in eyes. Is cruel and without a wife, a slanderer and mean -natured.
iv) Mercury in the 6th: Is short tempered in his dealings in disputes, impolite and idle and destroys the strengths of his enemies.
Mercury in the 8th: Is renowned, long lived, great supporter of family and a lord and leader of an army.
Mercury in the 12th: Makes life miserable, becomes devoid of learning, suffers humiliation, is cruel and indolent by temperament.
v) Jupiter in the 6th: Is indolent, not respected but destroys his enemies and is clever in earning, spells and mantras.
Jupiter in the 8th: Is poor and earns his livelihood as a low servant. Is sinful but enjoys longevity.
Jupiter in the 12th: Is condemned by others, uses abusive language, is issue less, sinful, idle and a menial.
vi) Venus in the 6th: Has no enemies, no wealth, is spoiled by young damsels and is much aggrieved.
Venus in 8th: Enjoys longevity, wealth and is a ruler of the earth when Venus is in the 8th house.
Venus in 12th: Sexual pleasures in abundance, wealth and splendor.
vii) Saturn in the 6th: Is a glutto, wealthy and vanquished by the enemy, stubborn but with a strong sense of self-respect.
Saturn in the 8th: Is untidy and poverty striken, suffers from piles and starvation, is cruel-minded and condemned by his own friends.
Saturn in the 12th:makes one impudent, indigent, childless, disabled, stupid and defeated by his enemies.
viii) Rahu in the 6th: Is troubled by enemies, has ulcers in his rectum is wealthy and enjoys longevity.
Rahu in the 8th: Is short-lived, does impure acts, is disabled, develops gout and rheumatism and is blessed with few children.
Rahu in the 12th: Is always intent upon committing sinful deeds secretly, spend a lot and suffers from ailments like dropy etc.
ix) Ketu in the 6th: Will be magnanimous and the embodiment of the best human qualities, firm and famous, possesses high authority, destroys enemies and achieves his ambition.
Ketu in the 8th: Is short-lived, remains separated from his dear friends and engages himself in feuds, is injured by weapons and meets with disappointment in one’s efforts.
Ketu in the 12th: Commits sinful deeds secretly and squanders away wealth on vile things. Destroys one’s own wealth, is of questionable conduct and suffers from ailments of the eyes.
x) Gulika in the 6th: Can destroy hosts of enemies, will take pleasure in demonology, have a noble son and be brave.
Gulika in the 8th: Has a deformed face, weak, and impaired eyes and is of short stature.
Gulika in the 12th: Will make the native insensitive to sexual pleasures, is poverty stricken and incurs heavy expenditure.
Courtesy: Modern Astrology (S.S Kulkarni)

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