Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part VII B

Saturnine Connection
In this connection, it is pertinent to point out that the 3rd house signifying one’s efforts also indicates the Karmic effects of the pending Runas (being 10th from 6th). As such, if the 3rd house is directly influenced by the Karmakaraka Saturn either by aspect or occupancy, the native would be a hard working person trying sincerely to get rid of all his Runas and hence, he would be a Karma Yogi in this birth. Therefore, the afflictions to the 6th house, if any, will be rectified by such a Saturn in the 3rd house. But, if the 3rd house is also simultaneously afflicted by malefic planets, the native will be helplessly enduring the pain and suffering unable to do anything to counteract them or may add to his problems by committing unwanted mistakes in the name of self-effort.
Also, according to basic principles of prediction, if malefic planets occupy any house, they affect the significations of that house. But, the occupancy of 6th house by malefic planets causes good results to the native because they tend to negate the basically adverse significations of the house such as disease, debts, enemies etc., which in turn is good for the native. Conversely, the position of benefic planets in the 6th house does not augur well for the native as they tend to increase the adverse signfications of the house. As such, if benefics are posited in the 6th house it is an indication that the native has some unfinished Runas(debts) to be dispensed with in this present life while the presence of malefic planets reduces the adversities in life. It is important to note that a combination of both benefics and malefics in the 6th house would be a source of other types of trouble (like diseases, enemies, servants, etc) stemming from the lordship and natural significations of the associated planets.
The 6th house is an Upachayastana in the sense that the overall growth of a person is directly dependent on the nature of influences from it. Obviously, the growth of an individual will be definitely affected either by a sickly constitution of the body or by the obstructive or destructive intervention of his adversaries as a result of which he would land in financial difficulties like loans while the absence of such inauspicious results would surely support growth. Virgo, the 6th house of the Zodiac, is ruled by Mercury signifying worldly knowledge that is essential for achieving material success. The symbol of the sign – a virgin standing in a boat holding a sickle in one hand and corn in another — signifies the process of harvesting the fruits of the seeds sown in the past. Materially, it signifies the craftsmanship of business and the ability to separate the husk from the grain and to use the grain for improving one’s life. Spiritually, it symbolizes the harvest of experiences in the physical plane of manifestation resulting out of past Karma and the preliminary evolutionary stage of differentiating and understanding the good from the bad. Virgo also symbolizes the temptations of life stemming from the love of the fruit of harvesting. The 6th house of a horoscope also has the imprints of these impulses in the effective end results.
Release from Karmic Debts
The significations of the 12th house include Vyaya (loss or expenditure), Papa (sin/evil), Patana (fall), Moksha (emancipation), Vama- ambakam (left eye), Sthanabhramsa (loss or dis- appearence of position), Vikala (loss of limbs or physical injuries, depression or sorrow), Viraya (wasteful expenditure), Ayana sayana stana (bed comforts comforts in last part of life), Pitru vyasanam(anxiety due to father). Bandhanam ( captivity), Karagruham (prison). Paradesha vasa (foreign residence) etc. The 12th house also rules the end of life, new environment, hospitalization and confinement extra-marital relationships etc.
A critical examination of the significations of the 12th house reveals that it facilitates the (re)payment of all types of pending debts and dues in this life to whom the native owes as a result of his past life Karmic relationships. It is generally said: Runaanubandha roopena Pasu Patni Suta Alaya, meaning that the intimate family relationships such as children and spouse, the wealth of cattle one gets (which was the primary means of assessing one’s wealth in olden days) and the very event of taking  birth in a particular family lineage are all due to ones past Karmic debts only. Not only that. It is a common belief among those who subscribe to the Karma theory that almost all our relatives and acquaintances who come in contact with us in this present life do so because of their past life links with us and that they get connected to us in one way or the other depending on the nature of the Karmic Runas. As such, a native is destined to get rid of the Runas either by way of undergoing losses on account of them or by incurring expenditures to support or foster such relationships or otherwise. That is the reason why, the actual results of the 12th house are dependent on its relationship with other houses in the chart and it does not act independently or in isolation. For example, if the 9th lord gets posited in 12th, the loss or expenditure would be due to one’s father or for observing religious ceremonies and if the 5th lord goes to the 12th, the expenditure could be due to children born out of one’s poorva puny a. If the 8th lord goes to the 12th and gets afflicted there, it could lead to losses due to gambling, speculation, mutual fund investments etc. The 10th lord in the 12th with affliction causes loss of job, loss of position due to departmental proceedings, punishment if a government employee, wasteful expenditure related to job etc.
Dustana cum Mokshastana
The 12th house is grouped under many heads because of its multifarious impacts in the life of a native. It is a Dustana (inauspicious house) in the sense that it signifies the negative results such as loss and expenditures, loss of position, loss of limbs or physical injuries or ! moving to a new environment etc,. But, being a Mokshastana (house of attaining self- | realization), the 12th house leads a native to the most wanted relief from the pangs of not only rebirth but also freedom from the present birth by exhausting the Runas. It is also considered to be a Leenastana (hidden house) as it governs many hidden aspects of the life of a native like sex habits, secret or anti-social activities like looting, arson, rape, kidnapping, smuggling, blackmailing, imprisonment etc., especially if afflicted very strongly by many malefic planets
Pisces, the 12th sign of the natural Zodiac, is symbolized by a pair of fish with the tail of one ending at the head of another. The fish being a cleanser of the sea, this symbol for the last sign connotes cleansing the soul in the sea of life through the cycle of births and deaths. It also indicates the end of the cycle of experience or the end of the pilgrimage of the soul for its evolution in the present incarnation as well as the desire to leave the physical world entirely and slipping out of the physical body or going back to Mother Earth from which the body was created for the material journey. The 12th house also carries these imprints of the end of life and Moksha.
Karmic Balance Sheet
The inter-link between the 6th and 12th houses in a horoscope indicates ‘all that is received and or returned in this life by an individual along with what is pending for his future at the end of the present birth in all three planes of existence viz., material, psychic and spiritual. That is, these two houses together provide what may be called as the Trial Balance or Balance Sheet of the Karmic experiences a native undergoes in a particular birth. While the 6ih house reveals the details of Karmic dues or debts, diseases or enemies, servitude or success in competitions etc., the 12th indicates the clearance of such Karmic debts either by undergoing losses or expenditure caused by them or by enduring pain or punishment, pleasure or sorrow etc., due to them. Besides, the marital bed-comfort or discomfort, extra-marital relationships etc., occurring on account of pending past Karmic influences would also be revealed by these houses. A careful examination of the combinations related to these two houses and their inter-links with other houses in the chart provide vital clues to the residual effects of this birth if only the synthesis is proper. Although the details of the actual experiences in the different areas of life are to be read from all the 12 houses in a horoscope, their gross summary or the resultant effect can be assessed by examining the 6th and 12th houses together.
Twelfth Lordship
In the case of planets having dual lordship, the actual nature of the 12th lordship is decided based on its other lordship as the 12th house is considered to be a neutral one. That is. if a benefic planet owns a good house also along with the 12th lordship, it is generally considered to be a benefic and vice versa This neutrality of 12th lordship also explain its subtle link with other houses in a chart. But if the 12th lord is in the 12th itself, some special results such


  • 12th house being the 10th from the 3rd, it is good for the younger co-borns of the native.
  • 12th house being the 9th from 4th and the 4th from the 9th, it is favorable for both the mother and father of the native respectively.
  • If the 12th lord  is with benefic planets in the 12th, it gives a religious bent of mind and makes the native spent liberally on religious pursuits besides making him virtuous and interested in spirituality.
  • If the 12th lord is afflicted by malefics planets in the 12th , one will become restless and would always be roaming about unnecessarily. If the 12th lord is weak also, the native will be mentally disturbed and destined to be unfortunate in life.


Ketu in the 12th house is said to give Moksha. According to Brihat Parasa Hora(Chap:25, sloka 10), a native will attain final emancipation if there is a benefic in the 12th house with 12th lord exalted and conjoined with or aspected by a benefic.
Courtesy: Modern Astrology(Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar)
Continued from: Paring of Opposite Houses – Part VII A                                   To be continued…

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